Justin Bieber

I said I was going to cut down on my swearing, but bugger me, I’ve just seen Justin Bieber on TV.
It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him, Astrid pointed him out to me.
Jesus wept, he’s only a little kid!
What is all the fuss about?
Apparently he sings to music. From the clip I watched, I noted the music was provided by an invisible band.
I know I’m getting old, as old as an old Zeppelin rocker can feel, but for Fox Hake, this kid won’t need a Bic disposable for another ten years by the look of him.
He reminds me of an acne-free 14 year old Leonardo di Caprio crossed with Dougal in Father Ted.


16 thoughts on “Justin Bieber

  1. He’s a numpty, ver rich numpty and as the mother to a 10 year old girl very familiar with erm his, oh i cant really call it his since its all wrote for him. Must destroy all childs CD’s and get her listening to my albums x


    1. Yeah, like kids love the smell of popcorn in cinemas even though it does reek more like sweaty socks than food. Taste is a personal thing, something kids don’t develop easily.


    1. I was amazed that someone so puny in stature was trending on Twitter. He must have a bloody good PR bloke because he looked so insignificant to me that he wouldn’t stand out in a crowd of Japanese tourists on Stratford High Street.


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