Massive Fire

A chemical complex called Chemie-Pack, housing 400,000 litres of carcinogenic material has exploded and is ablaze at Moerdijk in Zuid Holland.
It is so reminiscent of the Flixbrough disaster, which I remember quite well.
HERE are some of the best photos but the actual TV footage is quite scary. 
How explicit will the company, the Dutch Govt. Health Authorities and the usual “experts” be, when they explain the effects of the cancer causing chemical fall out.
I’ve driven past the Chemical plant at Runcorn many times, likewise the ICI plant at Redcar and some of the smells were unusual to say the least. One in particular from Runcorn left a bitter taste in our mouths all the way to Holyhead, it was a right job trying to wash it away with copious amounts of Guinness in the Landsdowne Road Bar on the car ferry to Dun Laoghaire, but we managed it. 


17 thoughts on “Massive Fire

    1. It’s south of Rotterdam, the Dordrecht area, all the ferry terminals apart from Vlissingen and Ostend are well away from that as are Schiphol and Eindhoven airports.
      It’s just over 10 years ago from when they had massive explosions at Enschede when the firework factory went up. They still reckon a few hundred illegal immigrants who were living in the area died, but nobody can ever confirm it.


    1. Fire scares me shitless anyway. When I was a kid I saw a photo of a girl’s back in the Daily Mirror, it was like a pink balloon that had shrivelled up. She’d fallen into a house fire. I’m fifty bloody two, worked in steelworks all my life near flames and and hot metal but that image has stayed with me.


      1. I’m sure mick, I’m not keen on it either especially on bonfired night as I have a memory of the school handyman losing his leg when a firework went off in his pocket, vile. In front of a load of kids who were at the bonfire. Not nice at all. I’ve never had a bonfire party since that. It’s the speed of fire that’s the most frightening.


    1. After the “experts” said no poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals were released, I got a text today saying that people down wind of the fire should not eat home grown vegetables. I had to laugh, what do they grow this time of the year, snow cabbages or iceberg lettuces?


  1. Mick, I had a problem getting malware bytes off my PC when I had one. It embedded itself deep into the registry. could not be cleared without a major bit of work or obtaining the services of someone with particular computer software knowledge and possibly tools. It caused a number of problems. I was warned from elsewhere, that Malware Bytes was in itself operating like malware. I did post about my experience.

    Someone from MWB picked up my post and sent the most indignant reply and offers to clear up matters, giving me contact numbers that were…..unobtainable. There are other malware freebies about for PC that behave more honourably.


    1. I got the AV360 virus and Malwarebytes cleared it up. The thing is with Malwarebytes, if you use it only when you want to and don’t have it as a constant watchdog, it does exactly what it says on the box. You can disable it and use it when needed and it doesn’t manifest itself in the registry. For most of our registry and system clean ups we use Auslogics, $22 a year and well worth it. Eusing registry cleaner and CCleaner are worth having as well.


      1. All facilities tried did not clear the deep down registry attachments of malware bytes. They were able to reproduce themselves with what I could do. There is a lot of information on the web warning people of the problem. My mistake was not checking out what was known before I downloaded malware bytes. It certainly bit, and deep.

        I always kept two malware programmes on the PC I had, they were both efficient, and behaved as you would expect software from honourable sources to behave. I also had a very reliable antivirus programme.


  2. I worked for ICI in NZ years ago, and some smells were a bit ‘funny’ – and that is just storage. They used to make something called Canespray for the sugar fields in Fiji. It was actually a mildly diluted form of ‘Agent orange’ used in the jungles of Vietnam. the effects of this crap continue frmo generation to generation!


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