City Lights

A few times a month we venture into the big city.
Sheffield is a big city, 600,000 is big, only 6 cities in Russia have a higher urban population than Sheffield. 
It normally coincides with a needs must situation and yesterday was one of them, a visit to the opthamology dept in the hospital proved Astrid has thankfully not got glaucoma so we decided to drop down into the city to Waterstone’s bookshop.
We can spend hours in there. They used to have cosy little corners where you could read but now you have to go to the Costa Coffee shop in the store, so there’s always the chance of a spilt coffee latte all over a book but it’s their decision. Borders bookshops was so much better in that respect. 
It was dark when we got out, around 4ish, some people leaving work but the city was strangely quiet. For some reason, a carousel has been erected in the Barker’s Pool area outside John Lewis and adjacent to the cenotaph. It was quite colourful.
It was a beautiful morning when we woke, you can see the view from our kitchen window at 8.30 and then again at 10am. What a difference eh? Same potting shed roof but the bird has long since found shelter no doubt.
It’s slowed down a bit now but by ‘eck it didn’t half come down, big half crown sized snowflakes.
An old saying in Sheffield used to be, “If only every snowflake was a sixpence, we’d be able to afford the rent!”
They must have had a Tory Govt back then as well.

Barker's Pool, Sheffield



10 thoughts on “City Lights

  1. It’s petering off now and sliding off the car windscreen. I’ve got to pick Astrid up at 5 and there’s a truck sliding around outside (ha ha, it’s just gone past the window, it’s the scrap beggars, I had to screw down our wrought iron gates because of them buggers!) anyway, I hope it melts a bit before then.


  2. I do like waterstones but what happened to all those little independent book shops, they have all disappeared it seems.

    My local market has a good second hand book stall but most of my books now come from amazon, saves money but i used to love little old bookshops that had that old book smell, being able to flick through pages before buying and maybe chatting to the staff about books.

    Nice pics by the way.


    1. There’s a good shop in the Peak District at Cromford called Scarthin books, 3 stories high, I always feel as though the whole place will collapse one day, all the floors creak, and them there books weigh loads.


      1. Sounds like bookends in Cornwall. I do love going to Fowey, i know the lady who owns the bookshop there, she puts things aside for me if i tell her in advance that im going over that way.


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