Yet again the Yanks have used the word subpoena. It was used when Bill Clinton lied about a big fat cigar. There is no other country in the world who use the word subpoena. Apparently you can add “ed” on the end as in “I’ve just been subpoenaed”. It means “summons” basically. This time they have used the word subpoena in yet another desperate trumped up botch job to indict Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange of criminal activity against the United States of America.
Apparently a subpoena is being applied to extract personal information via Twitter about 4 people involved in the Wikileaks freedom of information thingy. One of them is called Birgitta Jonsdottir. See here.
I love Icelandic names, they are so refreshingly simple. She is by birth the daughter or dottir of a bloke called Jonsson. If he’d had a son he would have been called Erik Jonsson. For girls they just whip off the son bit and add dottir.
Anyway, back to America, the most corrupt and violent country in the world, a country where yer average bloke or woman on the street can own a gun. In virtually every other country in the world you need a licence and it cannot be used for your own protection, it must be used for sport or shooting wild animals. In America they even allowed the infinitely stupid Nancy Reagan to own one. She tried to bring it through British Customs and Excise with the immortal plea “But it’s only an itsy bitsy one”. Well that’s okay then, it will only blow an itsy bitsy piece of someone’s bloody head off won’t it, just the left hand side perhaps or the whole of the jaw.
So, a country that allows any bugger to own guns, even machine guns, as well as the bullets to kill with, is trying to be moral?
Subpoena my arse. They go for fancy descriptions like sobriety test, affirmative or raised pavement marker, probably because it makes it sound more grown up than breathaliser, yes or cat’s eye. Then you think of the nation actually using the word subpoena and then you think of National Lampoon’s Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, The Senate and House of Representatives and try to disentangle them and it’s impossible.
Twitter apparently told them to bollocks, but then they are an American company so why should anyone believe them? Wikileaks has already proved, it needs to go no further on that score, that the USA cannot be trusted, that it’s politicians and especially it’s military speak with forked tongue. Geronimo was right.
What gives the Americans the right to demand access to a social network site to glean details of someone’s personal details? In the world of international law, American law carries the same weight as Icelands. Does the world actually need America anymore? We all know America needs the world’s oil. It’s just the smart-arse bloody way they go about it.


  1. Im inclined to agree with you Mick if somebody falls on your driveway you can expect a big lawsuit 🙄 in the USA thats why I love living in England hope we never go the same way 😉


      • I can’t understand why British Governments still enjoy bending over and taking up the back entry from America? Do we still owe them money from WW2 or something because apart from bad habits and plastic food what else have they to offer Europe?


      • hmmm! bad habits, plastic food and…..

        ….the american sit com.
        ….Emo’s (Americans trying to do punk HA)
        ….the expression ‘have a nice day now’



        So, what else did the Americans do for us?


    • It’s going that way though. I hate everything about Toryism but when they mentioned trying to get away from the blame and claim culture I found empathy on that one single issue. However I think they are lying again because half the Government are solicitors or lawyers and it wouldn’t be in their best financial interests.


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