One Little Hour

What a difference one little hour makes. We had 16 hours of soild rain, not just a pitter patter but a constant deluge. Now look at it? Look at the size of that cloud as well, talk about stairway to heaven. It’s the first time we’ve seen the radio tower on the right for a week as well. However, tomorrow it looks as if the rain is coming back.
The irony of it all is, we’ve had so much rain, it’s kept everyone indoors, yet I’ve forgotten to water the tomatoes in the potting shed for two days. They’ll be thirsty tomorrow I reckon. 
There may be some spectacular mists in the valley bottom at dawn, so if the cat wakes me up I’ll try to shoot a few. Pictures that is, not cats! Gulp! 




    • The tags just followed on in my warped mind. I don’t usually bother too much with tags, if folk wanna read my garbage, good luck, if not, I’m not bothered. I’m happy when people do I suppose, especially if the feedback is interesting, regardless whether it is positive or negative.


  1. Although there has been a lack of light, (sunlight in particular) and low temperatures where I live, affecting the growth of plant life, we have had plenty of rainfall, but have not had the deluges and flooding that other area have received.

    Threatening clouds are tremendous to picture, especially when there is the clarity and clear landscape line with which to do it. Are you intending to kit up with crampons etc. and get a closer look?

    Get the cat to help you water the tomatoes. 😉


    • Funnily enough, I’ve just looked out of the kitchen window and the cat was “watering” the sunflower. The neighbour’s Siamese (or ThaiCat as I call it much to Astrid’s amusement) had a pooh under the apple tree which I will be watching out for, and it’s flatmate, a little tabby has been on the potting shed roof licking the butter off the bread we threw out for the poor bedraggled birds. It’s all go round here. :))


    • The toms are outgrowing the shed so I’ve topped them. It looks like it will be a full time job. The mist, ah well, when I got down yesterday morning I turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs and looked towards the kitchen windows and though someone had painted them white (we don’t need curtains because we are so high, we’ve got privacy roller blinds which we use occasionally.). It was solid wall of mist. It cleared by 9 then it rained again.


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