High Water

I missed it. It would have been spectacular and it would also have been treacherous. The grass on the far bank is totally flattened, 2 metres up the bank, by an immense wall of water that came down the Don over the weekend. It’s still a good two feet up on normal levels. The second image shows a huge tree that was ripped out of the bank further upstream and dumped and neatly plaited between 4 other trees, the other branches and all the foliage stripped bare by the power of the water. The environment agency moved a 3 foot diameter tree from under the huge stone bridge at Leppings Lane (SWFC football ground) today as it was accumulating other flood debris and had the potential to damage the bridge and cause further flooding. Heaven knows where that came from but it must have been something special to see a 30 foot long, 3 foot diameter tree trunk sailing down the river. I’ve only ever seen anything like that in Australia in Lamington National Park after a flash flood.
My river, the Don, flooded right over the track I normally take. It is scary to imagine that. I would imagine that all the fish have gone, washed downstream, they’ll be in Rotherham or Doncaster by now. Trout in Rotherham, now that would be a bloody miracle. The third image is from a reservoir called Underbank where these trees have grown unimpeded for several years and all of a sudden along comes the rains, fills the reservoir up for the first time in many years and hey presto! instant islands.
Sorry about the picture quality but I only had my mobile phone with me. The water really is chocolate brown though, it must have washed through a few fields on the way down. There is a sand and gravel bar now where the stepping stones are, there has never been one there before! 






  1. Absolutely. On Saturday my mate showed me an image on his iPhone (whilst we were at Coventry stockcars), of the Don in Sheffield on a webcam, and it was a foot from flooding the city all over again.


  2. Glad you were cautious – the images show just how scary the water levels have become.

    It brings it home to you when you see these things for yourself – close to us a road was swamped and impassable near to the pumping station. Yesterday I came across some images of Wakefield on Flickr showing the water within inches of the underneath of the bridge close to the Hepworth Gallery – felt sorry to when I saw the News last night for those living in Hebden Bridge who have been flooded twice in the last fortnight …………


  3. Good pics even if on the mobile phone Mick. Glad you were careful with all that water around. And that huge tree trunk under the bridge! That must have been a sight to behold.


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