A New Direction

I’ve got a sicknote, really I have, I’ve just forgotten it.
Well, I’ve got a new laptop and an android phone. Astrid bought me the laptop and I treated us both to matching phones and a 24 month contract. Now we have to start downloading Apps to ring overseas via a data network instead of a phone network, WhatsApp is a good one for texting and Skype will be used for calls. Yep, been spending money. What is the point of saving for a rainy day anymore with savers interest rates so low? We make sure we have enough for the Dutch trips and had a bit of spare for the stupid fridge, that was unplanned for but a needs must. Sometimes you look at people dropping like flies around you and think, stuff it, I’m gonna get one of those or I’m gonna do that, I’m not gonna wait until I’m too decrepit to do anything. I hate the setting up of new laptops and all that stuff, I’ve vetoed Windows LiveMail, what a pile of pooh that is, and downloaded Thunderbird and got it going dead easily. I’ve just got to sort ITunes out, really hate that programme but I’ve got an iPod so I’m knackered without it I guess. Adobe Premium Suite 3 loaded seamlessly and then it was Avast, Glary Utilities, Malwarebytes, CCleaner, Irfan View and Google Earth. Sorted. 
Today I went down to the river and was surprised top find a brand new cleanly washed footpath that was never there before. Along the path were several monster logs, also which were never there before. The river apparently had broken it’s banks by several feet and carved a new channel through the woods, stripping all the foliage from the ground and dropping large pieces of debris along it’s way. The stepping stones must be well buried, make me wonder how big they are under the river bed given the vast weight of floodwater, although the gravel bar is many times bigger than it was before the floods. 
Sorry about the poor quality, my new LG is nowhere near as good a camera as the old one and as it was tippling it down again, I was loath to take an expensive camera with me. 






  1. You’ll get used to it – I’m eagerly awaiting my lift in a classic Ford Granada – going to a Classic car rally at the Humber Bridge at 5pm with friends as my husband is taking more pictures there for their Car club calendar.


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