Naked Nature

What a scorcher. I’ve tied the French beans back now they’ve started growing, about bloody time. Got into a lather just doing that, so I went for a wander.
At first I thought some plague had arrived overnight from outer space and killed all the wildlife, never saw anything for ages. Then I started to look harder. The waterboatmen were the first, in a muddy drainage pool in a sunlit glade in the thick of the forest. Their latin name is corixa punctata and they are nymphs. I used to tie a version of them when I fished for trout. I think it was 6 duck tail feather fibres and a single silver thread, tied in with white floss wound tight just up to the bend of the hook, with the silver thread wound spirally up the body and then I took the fibres up to the head of the insect over the back, tied them in then built up the head from black thread and glossed it over. It’s a long time since I tied a fly, so I might have missed something out. Oh yes, two single black fibres tied in at the head to imitate their legs. They were fished as sinking flies to imitate them underwater not on the top, pulled erratically a few cm at a time. They only skim along the surface in quiet back pools where there is a thicker surface tension film.  
The second photo is of some roach, which the corixa nymph used to attract moreso than the trout I was after. They were flitting around in the shallows along the reservoir wall. A bloke comes along everyday and chucks bread in here, there are some massive rainbow trout in the reservoir, the noise and action is spectacular as the trout compete with each other for the bread like there’s no tomorrow. Then in a second, it is totally quiet again save for a few small roach picking up the remnants.  
The third photo is a grey squirrel. You need to look high in the branches of chestnut trees, they eat the fresh chestnuts and sometimes bask in the sun in the branches. I caught this one in a compromising position. People were walking past oblivious to the nature above their heads, most were gawping at me with my camera pointing skywards. Or they might have been admiring my Aussie jackaroo hat. Some stopped and said in a gormless housewifey way “Oaah yers, I can see it now, is it a squirrel then?” I felt like saying “No, it’s a ferkin’ tree rat yer dylan”. Which of course they are.






    • It’s still very warm as I speak at half seven, sat here waiting for the last few pages of the local paper to go to the printers via Astrid’s computer, in my shorts, George foreman awaiting my home made meatballs.


  1. Great pics Mick. I like the brown colour in the watery one (2nd pic). Also the squirrel photo is an unusual pose. Hope your beans are doing OK. My runner beans are a bit slow off the mark.


    • Thanks. Like football, fishing is something I know loads about having done all kinds for more than 3 decades but now I watch stockcars, walk in the countyside, drive in Europe and enjoy Rugby Union more than football. There is a lot more to fishing than any non angler could ever imagine. I could survive in the wild quite well.


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