Pay Your Debts

If you pay your debts, if you pay what you owe, you won’t be named and shamed. Simple. If I owed someone £436.45, I’d pay it, most people would. Taking advantage of someone’s good nature whether it be purchases made in good faith or in this case, rental of a property, is just not on. It will probably transpire that there was no written contract and that Mr & Ms Webb are seemingly avoiding their responsibilities as decent human beings by taking advantage of an elderly hard working businessman and his wife’s good nature. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for criminals whether it is Rebekah Brooks, Bob Diamond or Mr & Ms Webb.

What goes around comes around. Believe me, Brooks and Diamond have abused their positions of power terribly and are now both in the process of using their powerful friends and influences to wriggle out of what should be long custodial sentences for abusing the trust of the British taxpayer, invester and voter. Fraud is fraud whether it involves hacking a murdered girl’s mobile phone for a very morally low newspaper scoop, pulling the wool over fellow banker’s eyes then stealing from them or simply refusing to pay money owed to someone who has trusted you. 

When Brian Dimmock takes this sign down, I will remove this post.




  1. You are right Mick. You have a responsibility to pay what you owe for goods and services and other payments; as much as you would expect other people to pay what they may owe you.


  2. Transactions are a two-way process, or can be multi-way; whichever it is, there are issues of trust and moral behaviour. These days, you have to ask what that is. Those who have the power, demonstrate a woeful lack of moral authority and responsibility.


    • Very true. I knew of an Iraqi family in Holland who fled Iraq and were granted asylum. They were given everything they wanted, the kids got a scholarship at Deventer Agricultural gymnasium, a stark contrast to the Indos and Mollucaans who were stuck in Westerbork then moved to pensions as and when they were vacated, given nothing and had to rely on hand outs by the hard pressed Dutch who’d just lost almost everything to the Nazis. The Iraqis were told they had to move for whatever reason, so they ripped everything out of the walls, pipes, taps, cables, sockets etc then disappeared into the system. A classic example of biting the hand that feeds you, but the hand that feeds them has no more clout after decades of being soft on social issues.


  3. Now that is a good idea.

    There are several tenants who play the system and never pay. When they are moved out they come up with a hard luck story and just do it again.

    I know there are bad landlords too but the present system makes it too easy to avoid responsibility!


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