Rubbish Britain

Britain is no longer great, it’s bloody rubbish. Okay, I’ll narrow it down a bit, England is rubbish, absolutely full of it. 
Firstly, while I’m “on one”, I am embarrassed by the bad and largely americanised spelling, greengrocer’s apostrophes, text speak, non existent punctuation and primary school grammar of the average Brit. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee became the Queens Diamond Jubilee. So we now have two Queens it appears. To make matters worse, the editor of the local paper also headlined with “Queens” without the apostrophe and the paper went out to 25,000 homes in north Sheffield. They were embarrassed and it didn’t go unnoticed, as the letters column the next week was to illustrate. My missus noticed it but as a graphic designer and a Dutch national, she assumed that the English editor or at least one of the other half dozen English people there, not least the supervisory or management would amend it before publication. It is the headline after all, in massive print. The bigger the font, the bigger the faux pas. Attention to detail is as dead as a dodo, also it seems when either cleaning the backs of tippers or securing a load as you will read below.

At least the paper went out in an orderly fashion, through letter boxes, unlike this lorry load I followed over the Woodhead Pass today. There were bits of plastic and paper flying out of the back all the way over the Pennines, the so called “last wilderness in England”. Ironically the lorry was a waste management company. Now we know how they manage it. They don’t bother tying down the canvas either tight enough or at all. As a result, there is a veritable paper trail from Manchester to wherever it ended up in the direction of the M1.

I hate with a passion, the total disregard for the countryside shown by almost everyone in the country. We really are a dirty country. I have little experience of travel but the parts of Australia, Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Ireland I’ve visited were all far far cleaner in every sense than most places I visit in England. I haven’t been to Naples or Marseilles which I believe are a bit rough, I’ve seen bad parts of Dublin and Brisbane, Köln and Amsterdam but there is litter almost everywhere in England. It might not look too bad at first sight but keep looking along the roads when you travel, there are papers and plastic bags at the sides of the roads all over England. Dirty. The driver of this lorry, harping back to my previous “name and shame” post, registration number BX05 GGU driving a Viridor Waste Management truck along the Woodhead Pass (A628) at approx. 3.15pm, wants sacking for not securing his load correctly, for dropping litter and for desecrating a National Park.
Nobody seems to care anymore, just drop your crisp packets, cigarette packets, newspapers on the floor, some other mug will clean it up, just like they cleaned your bedroom when you were a teenager. And that’s just it, nobody else will, so England is going to get dirtier and dirtier. The last image has nice green fields and hills but if you get out and walk ten metres along the roadside, you would almost fill that white Tesco bag that has escaped from the Viridor Waste Management lorry with the registration BX05 GGU.  
I hate litter and I really hate the people who put it there.





  1. Litter is one of my pet hates too. I swear, the next time I see someone thrown a chip wrapper on the beach I’m likely to go pick it up and literally rub their face in it.


    • Someone joked on Twitter today about the beach volleyball, that to make the Brits feel more at home they could chuck beer cans, condoms, chip wrappers & broken glass in the sand. I had to laugh.


  2. Funny Mick, my Son recently visited from the UK, and everywhere he went he could NOT believe how clean and well maintained everything was! I guess I take it for granted now! how quickly one forgets the mess of the UK 🙂


    • Our village was getting cleaner then Yorkshire Water started to dog the roads up to lay new pipes and even without litter it looks crap. I’ve been to soke real crap places, Birmingham on Saturday was one such. The WHOLE of London is filthy. I don’t know how the Queen dare go for a crap alone given that you are only a metre from the nearest rat in that city, according to some extremely well informed scientists.


  3. People don’t have pride for their environment any more, or haven’t been taught properly by their parents. technology is king! Play Stations and other computer games are more important it seems.


    • Peter, you are right mate. I see kids playing games on iPhones, mainly to use up their monthly data allowance, eating crisps, mars bars then dropping the empty bag without a single thought, it comes naturally to the now. They want a good slapping and then told why. Every time. Like puppy training, move them closer to the object, except replace the garden with a litter bin.


  4. I have to agree with this. I’m sick to death of people chucking litter out of cars. Yesterday Hubs and I were on our bikes on a lovely country road. There wasn’t a house around for miles but the entire grass verges of the road were full of litter. Then a guy in a fancy car threw a Mc Donalds bag with the drink container and everything else out of his car window. It nearly hit me! I was fuming. The amount of times we get wildlife in with their heads stuck in cans is unbelievable! Is it so hard to get out of a car and take rubbish in to be thrown in a bin?xxxxx


    • I once took a passing out document I found next to a dozen cans, sarnie boxes, McDonalds stuff nd whatever else, to the local cop shop. It had his name and address on. The community copper (waste of bloody space) said the kid would probably deny it so it wasn’t worth pursuing, so I dropped it on the floor and walked back to the car. She shouted to me to pick it up and I just ignored her. Just like the kid did.


      • Unbloodybelievable!!!Hubs an I now have to take our lives in our hands when cycling…this cabbie parks up on the corner of a busy road every night and we have to skid to a stop, get off the bikes and go around him…he waits for his next fare and chucks his coffee cup out the window before he leaves…..saddo me has collected them all and when the bin bag is full I’m giving it back to him to take home and put in his bin….my Hubs thinks I’m crackers…maybe, but I live around here…he doesn’t!xxxxx


  5. We have bins all the way own our High Street and even ciggy trays attached to bus stops…and what do you see at a bus stop? Fag ends on the ground. The litter bins may as well be planted with nice pretty flowers for all they get used.

    Also…..I h8 txt mssg…

    P xx


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