100 miles away

I was 100 miles from our village, from my home and from my wife. I was at Birmingham to watch the F1 stockcars World Championship second semi final. Just as the F2’s first heat had finished, I got a text from Astrid that she’d eaten some almonds and had an adverse anaphylaxic reaction. She sent a photo and her eyes were nearly closed. We kept in touch by text during the racing and on the phone in between when it was less noisy.Then she rang a neighbour whose husband is part of a rapid response team, he was out, the neighbour sat there while my mother arrived who then rang 999 as it seemed to be affecting her breathing a bit. She had taken an anti-histamin, she’s had them before but not as bad as this one so she knew what intermediate steps to take.
The paramedics came and did a blood, respiratory, pulse and heartbeat test and said all they could have done anyway was give her an anti-histamin. Alls well that ends well but when you’re 100 miles away from someone whose life is potentially at risk, whom you love, well, I didn’t enjoy the racing at all, I had other things on my mind. 
She is better today but her eyes look awful.

A similar thing happened once when I went to Buxton stockcars, my Dad was taken to hospital after a fall, there was nothing I could do, the paramedics took him to hospital and my mother went with him. So I went merrily to the stockcars, unaware that my Dad had a heart attack and nearly died in the ambulance.
Anyway, here is a photo from our kitchen window of the farmer baling his hay, the other photo is of some bloody hooligan who spray painted the Berlin wall, strangely enough with my webpage address.




  1. It must have been scary for you not to be with her, glad she is ok though. Nuts are in so many things or even in things that have been prepared in the same place as nuts so it is a very dangerous allergy x


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