Also Available in Colour

I like colour, especially rainbows. Imagine the looks of amazement when the ancient people saw their first rainbows. I still look at them with amazement and I’m fifty bloody something. We don’t see many double rainbows either. However, I’m getting sick of this weather. The grass never stops growing but on the other hand, the beans and tomatoes can’t decide whether to bother or not. We have some good cuor di bue, (beefers) and some costoluto fiorentino also beefers, the millions and gardeners delight are a disaster. The sugar snaps that were so easy to grow last year without trying, have become slug and snail food. However, one minor success so far is the sunflower, after the initial few leaves became green skeletons after the bloody slugs had demolished them, I smeared axle grease on the stem, covered it with eggshells and hey presto, it’s a metre high now with some good green foliage sprouting. I suppose the supermarkets will be putting up the price of vegetables now, using the bad summer as the excuse, conveniently glossing over the fact that the imports they sell in our winter are roughly the same prices as British fruit and veg in the summer.
As for milk prices, hold on, if I was a farmer, it would be me, I would tell the milk suppliers how much I wanted for a litre of milk, not the other way around. Someone is making a massive profit without striking a bat, it’s not the farmers. Whoever it is, is keeping his head down. There are too many middle men making money. Too many non producers. It’s the same in every business. Except in banking where everybody is a non producer.
And well done Bradley Wiggins. I watched almost every day of the Tour de France so I had to watch today’s one off time trial.



  1. Awwww…what a gorgeous rainbow! You’re just a little sweetheart deep down…..

    I’m having a torrid time with my veg too…as you say far too much rain. I’ve never had a worse year and am now sowing afresh to try and get something late autumn. Half my veggie patch is BARE! That’s a first!
    I was glued to the screen watching the biking…now everywhere I cycle I see guys in yellow jackets, and I have never seen so many cyclists…great to inspire the next winner.xxxxx


  2. Beautiful pictures. A great by product of the rain. this is the first year I tried growing veg and so far it is not a success thanks to this awful weather. I think I will have to invest in a greenhouse!


  3. Awww I love rainbows. Of course this year dont see many as there is no rain. My totmatoes havent done a thing. And the rest of vegs are so messed up will just have to hope next year is better


  4. Lovely photos. I thought some of the milk suppliers had backed down on the price change, but I might be wrong. As you say it should be the other way around anyway!

    My veg is not doing so well, it is standing in water most of the time. Stuff in the greenhouse is doing okay and I will get a few bits but like you, it is slug city here.


  5. When terrible floods hit E Europe some years ago, it affected the price of staples, also fruit and veg for them and us. It settled down in the in-between years. There will be a knock-on effect from your weather conditions, without a doubt. Let’s hope it will be only for the short-term, like the last time it happened elsewhere.

    Nice rainbows.


  6. Rainbows are one of the best *nature at work* thingymibobs. Could stare at them for hours, well if they lastd that long but, yeah something very uplifting about seeing those vibrate colours in the sky.

    My veggies haven’t faired to well this year, don’t think any will be edible or even flower. And yes, your right the supermarkets will bump the prices up, its a bad day when the exotic fruit/veg is cheaper than home grown produce. I read something the other day that in 5 years we will be paying double what we are just now on food.

    Well done sunflower for coming back πŸ™‚


  7. Beautiful pics and I know the feeling…the only thing growing prevolent in the garden are weeds near shoulder height and it is to boggy to get out there to cut them.

    P xx


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