Yorkshire Gold

Well, as it stands, the Olympic medal table has China first, then USA then GB. If Yorkshire was a country, we would be in 6th place in front of Japan, Australia and South Africa among others. 
Just sayin’.
The BNP or whatever they are called these days have had the wind taken from their sails as well, their union flags stolen by mixed race athletes, who apart from the Welsh football tossers and Mohamed Farah, all sang the national anthem. There has been a surge of nationalism, Andy Murray is now British again until he loses, in which case he returns to being a Scot. The overpaid footballers failed again, athletes they might be but the precision and high standards shown by the cyclists and athletes, the sailors and judoists, the shooters and swimmers make them, the footballers, look pretty amateur. If football and tennis are Olympic sports, then get ready for MotoGP, stockcar racing and rugby. And golf, cricket and conkers.

Now I have a suspicious mind, as in, it takes a thief to catch a thief. So what have the Tories been planning whilst our attention has been diverted to happier things than politics and govermnent? What covert methods of extracting cash from the less well of have they hatched now? How much browner has Nick Clegg’s nose got, how much more sore has Cameron’s arse got and how many “new” ideas that really should be common sense, have Labour put forward as an alternative to their previous neo-Tory-Blair-ite garbage policies?  
This is John Lewis’s in Sheffield with Sheffield’s own golden girl, heptathlon gold medalist Jessica Ennis plastered all over the frontage. There was a beach weekend in Sheffield as well, the Peace Garden was converted with beach stalls flogging cheap toys and rock, sweets and various bits and bobs. There was a small fairground and the kids thought it was brilliant, the warm weather helping no end. 
Strangely, the weather has been conspicuous by it’s absence. Except, when we left Sheffield, it was as dry as a bone but by the time we had got to Sheffield Wednesday’s football ground, just 2 miles from the city centre, there were rivers running down the road, a further 8 miles up the road and into our happy valley and it was dry as a bone again although there were signs that we’d had a proper deluge whilst we’d been away. Ah well.  





  1. Good games for the Brits, terrible for the bragging Aussies. NZ could end up with at least four gold when big Val pus the shot as reigning champion from Beijing. We should get the odd bronze or even silver from yachting and maybe Nick Willis in the 1500m. With 3 golds and 2 bronze in rowing, from seven finalists from eleven competitors, we had a great rowing games. Usain Bolt was just awesome in the 100m – breaking his Beijing games record.


    • Big Val failed mate unfortunately, an unfortunate looking Bulgar took the gold. Us Brits should be really proud, there is a surge of national pride and not one political ballbag in sight. I doubt anyone will tolerate some know-it-all sticking his or her oar in and trying to capture any of the limelight. They had their time and stuffed it up big time. job.


    • Aaach, football’s a mugs game. Even our cat understands football. It’s a simple game for simple folk reflected in the silly chants and petty rivalry between fans. Having said that, I pretty much detest Sheffield United :))


    • I doubt they’d catch me though. Just seen the Bulgarian shot putter who won gold. I’d wear a chastity belt if I visited Bulgaria and all the lasses were like her. She might be really tender, really romantic and soft natured but she did look more bison than butterfly.


  2. Well done Yorkshire – ‘fraid I’ve had little time just recently to even watch telelvision let alone note whats been going on in the Olympics though I did see the end of the Murray match when he secured his gold medal – now would he be entitled to claim that for Scotland one wonders?


  3. Well, like I hinted, when he loses again he becomes Scottish again. Fickle lot us Brits south of the border. It’s probably Sean Connery’s fault, feeding off the fame attained via London and Hollywood then wanting Scottish independence, something Murray also mentioned.


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