West Riding

The West Riding of Yorkshire, just 10 miles or so from home, some of the most picturesque and typical landscapes in Britain. I love it. The milltowns like Holmbridge here, just up the road from Holmfirth, of Last of the Summer Wine fame, is typical of a pennine hill village. The building adjacent to the mill in the centre belongs to Silvester’s motorcycles. Many years ago, 40+ infact, I used to watch the owner ride a Bultaco or Huskvana scrambling bike round the hills of north Sheffield. Scrambling, or motocross as it is now called, was quite big, attracting several thousand people. I loved the tramping around the hils and dales to get there with my Dad, we’d choose a rider, a number, and watch out for him however good or bad he was. Terry Silvester was either No 2 or No 22 and was quite good. He was probably my first ever sporting hero.holmebridgewoodhead roadupperthong
I often just take off in the car and explore the tiny lanes near to my home, many which I’ve never been on before but then end up somewhere familiar to me. The photo with the vehicles on is Woodhead Road between Holmbridge and the Woodhead Pass and is very steep both up and down over the pennines. The view of the fields and stone walls is just to the north of the quaintly named village of Upper Thong which, like our own village, is built entirely on a hillside.

I rolled into the village whilst listening to Wardance by Killing Joke. Anyone remember them?

Just a note about this blog, something has changed when I upload images in the “new editor”, the precise placement of images has gone wonky, they appear in the middle of the text now instead of where I place the cursor. Just a minor blip but considering the yanks have managed to land a Landrover or whatever it is on Mars, exactly where they wanted to do, it’s plain sloppy.

And…..one last thing, I just need all the politicians and religious bigots to take a long hard look at themselves and their colleagues and then look at the way the athletes from Russia, America, North Korea, Iran, India, Pakistan, Britain and all the rest of the world, conduct themselves. It’s not the people of the world who cause the problems of the world, it’s the politicians and religion.



  1. I tend to get in the car, find a footpath and walk along it. I didn’t even know there was a footpath alongside the river not 200m from our back door until a year ago.


    • Really, I remember Arthur Lampkin, his son/brother? Alan had a son called Dougie who was doing Moto-X and trials riding all over the world last time I heard. Did you know the Wainmans as well from Foatercliffe Farm, old Frank called his son Frankie, his son also Frank became Frankie Wainman Jr, and also his son is called Frank and is called Frankie Jr Jr. They all do stockcars.


      • I guess there is always somewhere else we would rather be. If I couldnt move some where in England I would love to visit. As there is alot to say for where I live also


      • Yes you are right. I’d move to Queensland at the drop of a hat, there again the west coast of Ireland appeals and my spiritual home, Roscommon, although quiet beyond belief, always calls me. I like Germany but I also love the Ardennes, spectacular countryside. There again, southern Italy is beckoning.


      • yes, and I would love to go to those places to and if I ever got the chance to go I dont know if I would ever come back here for many many reasons. But I do love the country side and all the history of each. But alas I will have to enjoy through yours and others eyes. Which I do enjoy Hugs


  2. I have to admit, when i got the train From Manchester to Leeds a couple of years back the best thing about it was looking out the window, weve some amazing scenery here but i just seemed to go from one fudge box picture to another, beautiful journey.


    • I liked travelling by train via the midlands, Birmingham, Derby etc but hated going down to London, it was just like entering a gradually worsening rubbish dump.


  3. Lovely pics Mick. And what wonderful childhood memories.
    I like the middle one of the car on the road with the background scenery. Don’t know why. Maybe it appeals to my sense of wanderlust.
    The green fields are lovely too. In fact all three are great. x


    • Thanks. My Mum used to make me bacon sarnies, with that awful soft sliced bread and marmite, then they’d get crushed in my Dad’s rucksack on the way there. However, they were delicious. My Dad had cheese and onion sarnies and we had a flask of tea. We’d go onto the centre of the track so it was less distance to walk the circuit, find a grassy knoll and eat our snap between races.


  4. You now have the time to explore a little; we are all too busy when we were younger.

    That young grandson of mine won the Player of the Year for Melbourne Storm’s Under 18 last night. He still keeps realising his ability. Now he has to learn, train and do with the Under 20’s.


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