I’ve decided to knock the WPblog in the head. The reasons are simple and two fold.

, it doesn’t give me anything I haven’t already got with my webpage SEE HERE to make it work like a blog. Just scroll down the page, click on the links to see what I mean.
Added to that, I can make my images as large or small as I want, I can make them sing and dance with flash or javascript and when the page gets too long, as with blogs, I can add a link at the bottom/top/side diverting readers to the next page or the previous page. The links all work all the time and if they fail, it will be my fault and I don’t need to access php or css code that I’m unfamiliar with to amend it. I am skilled enough to amend the html to make it work. I will be looking at XHTML soon to see what benefits I get and merely enhance what I already have.

Secondly, I am having no problems with BCUK anymore apart from the rogue php text at the top of today’s page. :)) :)) :)) which disappeared shortly after typing this, they must have been updating the blog, realised it was there and deleted it. Funny. Also, which is important, I have a nice friends list which is easier on the eye than the widgets on WP offering the same albeit inferior service. And nice friends of course…grovel grovel…
All the widgets are made by individuals and many need to be modified to suit the blog in question, it’s not just a question of “Activate” and off you go. Not all the widgets are easy to install and not all work, it depends which version of WP you have and it depends whether your provider has updated the SQL database with the most up to date one. Most widgets are new and as such assume the WP version is the most recent. Add to that the fact that even though I’m not a BCUK “Pro”, I have a gradually increasing amount of media space for images etc mainly due to the fact that the longer you are with BCUK and the more you post, the more Mb download space “credits” you accrue. And it’s all done for me. So I stay here and contemplate whether WP is worth pursuing even if it is just for educational value.

Today was a home day, doing the washing while Astrid is at work busy making adverts for the local paper HERE and while it was busy washing away, I had a wander down to the reservoir, watched a bloke feeding the trout with bread, talking to a bloke who was making a background film for BBC Look North and admiring the scenery. The sheep was trying to get to the bloke feeding the fish, he sometimes chucks some bread into the fold for them. He’s got the fish and sheep well trained but his dog is a bit of a nutter so he keeps it on a lead. The sheep tried to nut the dog once and seem to think it is fair game. It’s a Welsh collie, so nuff said.




  1. Thanks for this post Mick…..I’m a lot wiser as a result…..I reckon I can put up with the ‘slow upload’ here…hopefully, it will improve more…..;)


    • Like I said, I don’t get any problems with it anymore. The slow upload is, I think, a reflection of our perception of “slow”. Slow to me was when I was on dial up, many moons and several thousand miles of fibre optic cable ago. :))


    • Hey… 😀 everyone is hijacking my post to have a whinge or praise BCUK 😀
      Only joking.
      As I posted above, the alternative for user friendliness and similar “friend” facility is Xanga. Thing is, you lose all your friends and without building up another list or flitting from one web address to another, you end up with nothing or come back to BCUK.


  2. I have tried others and they are hard work unless you are clued up on things and the commenting is not straightforward like here so i am staying,its not perfect but its better than it was.xx


    • Blogger is worse, it’s very restrictive and if you want spam, that’s the place to go. I had realtor (estate agents to normal folk) and speedboat companies blitzing me every week.


  3. So glad you are staying here Mick. I hope to persuade seasideman to reconsider too. It’s a friendly place and I think that the WP site is too US-centric.
    Keggy x

    p.s. love the photo of the sheep on its hind legs


  4. Hi Mick,

    Good to know what you are doing. My site at WP is basic and staying that way, it is not my main blogging site and never will be. I post the odd thing on it.

    I haven’t had major spam experiences at Blogger, not like here at BCUK, and I have blogged there for years. A period with a Catcha seems to sort any robots out. I believe now, that blogger has taken a hand in reducing spam on its site. It is my main blog site now.

    I very briefly explored Xanga when you mentioned it before. I’ll have another look at it, as I am not enamoured with WP.

    You have good reasons to want to remain comfortable with what you are doing, especially when what you do looks extremely good and competent. There is a limit to absorbing I.T. languages just to suit sites and manufacturers.

    With a wee bit of luck and desire, I see no reason why people should not be able to maintain contact with blog friends. Apropos of that, did you sort out the whereabouts of silver-scribbler? If she and KB, (mentioned previously) are the same person, I may be able to assist.



  5. Not got time to check it all out Mick as up to eyes with the kid’s party tomorrow…but have left your post in my inbox….hey just realised I got a notification!!!!!


    I have not had much spam..actually one yesterday and one today..but do keep reporting.

    Will answer properly tomorrow.

    P xx


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