Plain Food

I don’t always eat exotic Indonesian, Mollucaanse, Chinese, Japanese and Italian “foreign muck” as one of our neighbours calls it. Garlic bread is foreign muck apparently. This afternoon for a snack, which is an excellent fat burner apparently, I had mushy peas! I added a considerable amount of garlic and two drops of Kruidvat vlooibaar zoet (liquid sugar to me an thee), then cooked a tin of mock duck from the Chinky supermarket and popped it on top of the peas. Like an Aussie “floater” but without the pie. You can buy mock duck or pork in Tesco as well now, £1.29 a tin, roughly the same price as the Tai Sun supermarket. It’s tofu or bean curd, ideal for grass eaters and salad dodgers alike. Tonight we had Greek foreign muck, Gyros with rice and Spanish peppers. We were going to get paella, Spanish foreign muck but Astrid found the Gyros so we had that. Tuesday is deadline day at the paper where Astrid works, so we always have a ready meal if she finishes late.




  1. I love mushy peas, just on there own with a splash of vinegar. We had foreign muck last night, sausage cassarole, tasteless fowl sauce thingy that ruined 6 perfectly good steak sausages, never heard of mock duck, must look out for it as the real thing costs a pretty penny, unless yoyu go up the country park and steal one!


  2. In the old days in NZ after the pub, we would go down to the piecart that parked up, and have peas, pies and pud. Meat pies with mashed potatoes and peas on top. Oh for the old days before there was such a thing as a hamburger and Coca Cola.


    • Up to the chippy with 4d in my pocket for fourpennyworth of chips and scraps. Got about 6 chips, loads of batter scraps, if we wer elucky it would have a bit of fish attached ha ha then smothered it in salt. Always hated vinegar though. Eee them were’t days.


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