Plus Points on House Selling

The most bizarre things appear on Estate Agent’s brochures. These three items are pretty bizarre and I doubt whether they enhanced the houses they were selling or hastened along the sale. The electric board, okay maybe it’s a new model with individual cut out switches and fuses, but who the hell wants to see that? The second one is a microwave, (in case you’re a Curries salesperson, it’s NOT a telly) and it’s been cleaned and it’s built in. Yes? And what makes that a good selling point? These were both from Immoweb which shows houses for sale in Belgium and France mainly. The last one is from my step son’s house, it was on the Funda website for his house when he was buying it, here have a look round the house he bought where we are staying in 4 weeks time, he’s gutted it since these sale photos were taken though.
Knowing Dave, he’ll have replaced everything, and I bet the door handles were the first to go. If not, I’ll take a photo whilst we’re there to shame him. πŸ˜€






  1. Perhaps these are the main selling points on the Continent “Not only an en suite bathroom, modern kitchen and long views etc … but also the latest Acme switchboard in designer blue on white with plenty of room for extensions (no more messy fuse wire for you!), one of those new-fangled microwaves and to cap it all a DESIGNER HANDLE with genuine Bakelite detailing”.


    • You’re good. Aaah, you were one of those people who wrote those tacky descriptions weren’t you? πŸ˜€
      Needs modernisation = needs gutting or demolishing
      Cosy living room = not big enough to swing a cat in
      Designer kitchen = totally impractical for a kitchen
      and so on.


  2. What a lovely house, I like the furniture, the external area and the whole layout. The only puzzle initially was the first image of a corner heater: I thought it was a television with the screen facing the wall. Now that would be such a statement!


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