Jackdaw Love

Sheffield was resplendent today, except we had to go down The Moor to a shop called Atkinson, one of the oldest family stores in Sheffield, it was totally destroyed in 1940 in the blitz and rebuilt in it’s current form in 1960. (According to a plaque on the wall, you don’t think I’d know that off the top of my head?) Adjacent to the store, they are building the new market and all you could hear were jackhammers, peckers, compressors and men in orange flak jackets shouting. Astrid bought some new clothes for our forthcoming trip to The Netherlands. I looked at one or two tee-shirts but £14 for a tee-shirt, stuff that, I can get a decent rugby shirt for that. We popped in at Flaming Dragon on the way back and had a wonderful Chinese buffet meal. No cooking tonight ha ha.

The garden is looking good, given the amount of rain we’ve had. However, not all is how it seems. The tomatoes and beans have been a dismal failure. The apple tree has four apples left, yes FOUR. Bloody awful year. There is no fly life at the reservoir, the trout are normally rising all day long but not this year. I haven’t seen one bat in the evenings. Mind you, it’s not all doom and gloom, the rosebay willow herbs are doing really well in the old fellah’s garden next door but one. He has OCD. I feel really sorry for him, it takes him an age to shop, check this check that. I and once saw him hanging his washing and he hung the same matching pair of socks a dozen times until they were right. I don’t know whether people with OCD suffer anything physically but I do understand it can cause emotional distress. I once thought about offering him a lift from the shops but he has terrible clothes/body odour. With the best will in the world, I don’t want a car seat that stinks, in my car all the way to the eastern side of Holland.

If you think the photo quality has gone downhill, it’s because I use my phone unless I deliberately set out to take photos. The jackdaws were taken with the zoom lens though, through the kitchen window. Did you know jackdaws spend a year flirting then effectively get engaged and after their third year, pair for life. This couple of love birds spend a lot of time on our neighbour’s roof by the chimney. They burn something in the winter so the chimney must give them warmth. They also sunbathe on the television arials after it had rained, by hanging their wings out to dry.
The last one is something we rustled up a couple of days ago. It is sliced leg of pork fried in Croma. The white stuff is Indian paneer cheese, it’s similar to Cypriot halloumi but not as salty. The pasta was conchiglie with a load of flat leaf parsley and half a block of Boursin cheese in it.






    • Clothes are about the same price but shoes seem to be better quality. All we ever see in the UK are black shoes, I’ve worn blue, green and brown, not red yet, but there is time.


  1. You made me think of my home town of Christchurch. All machinery there knocking over old EQ damaged buildings. I think they have stopped now – knocking over ones that dont really need to. Now the rebuild will begin. I wonder what the new CBD will look like?


    • CBD? Googled it…central business district. Hmmm, if it’s owt like the UK, it’ll take the lion’s share and stuff anyone else. Take the London games, provincial cities like my own have lost £millions in funding for the usual culprits: health, education and road infrastructure, not mention council fiscal allocations.


  2. Smashing photos Mick. Yes i think that obssessive disorder must be hell to live with for all involved, when i think of doing some thing twice i stop myself it could be it starts with the habit of checking over things until you cant stop, awful.


    • I like things top be neat and tidy but not to the extent of rearranging things. Apparently Beckham likes all his colas in the fridge to be equally spaced and no odd numbers. I wonder what happens when he drinks one and there are none to top it up with or the box he tops them up with has one in and how are they arranged in the box in the garage????


  3. I love the jackdaw pic. That does look an interesting meal, enough to feed an army! My veg is beyond dismal. No real carrots, parsnips, beetroot or beans. Hardly any pear but tons of spuds, toms, apples and plums. And finally, I appear to have one huge round courgette.xxxxx


    • We lost two apples today and two coers di bu toms are rotten. We have enough beans for a good chicken soup/stew tomorrow though. The meal lasted us two days, as you well know, pasta is always better the second day, fried in a bit of oilve oil with pancetta.


  4. Be subtle with your neighbour with OCD, as they need sympathy. Just shout ‘You stink, mate, have a wash and I’ll give you a lift’. Once he starts on another obsession, he’ll smell sweet forever: job done.


    • I adopt the tact & diplomacy method, ostrich method if you like, of avoiding him. I still feel sorry for him. The first time I saw him, he was cutting the privet with kitchen scissors. I asked my next door neighbour, (Melting Shop union shop steward, founder member of the local rugby club, legendary tighthead prop & Lonnie Donegan fan club founder, since sadly deceased) about him and he just said “Ah, he’s fucking nuts”. If a tighthead prop says so, then so be it. 😀 😀


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