World at War Part 3

The world is going mad again.
Chinese people attacking anything Japanese, including Japanese people over something they know bugger all about except what they’ve read in the papers and seen on the TV. One Chinese commentator mentioned that they had never apologised for the mass genocide of their people in WW2. Well, they haven’t ever apologised to the Australian, British, Americans, Indonesians, Burmese, Malaysians, Phillipinos, Formosans either, nor anyone else their cockroach soldiers crawled all over or enslaved in WW2. I suppose there were always riots in China, but we never heard of them. Now the mobile phones, social networks and satellite coms. means we can see a lot of what the Chinese authorities would rather us not, but cannot reverse the unstoppable progress of their country into the 21st century.
Meanwhile in South Africa, a new threat to President Zuma is Julius Malema who if elected or assumes power any other way, will rip the country apart from top to bottom. Believe me, this is a massive threat to peace in Africa. It’s about power, racism and greed.
Then we have the touchy and two faced muslim bigots who have still got the titty lip on about a film made in America slagging of Islam, similar to The Life of Brian but about the Prophet Mohamed instead of Jesus, by attacking German, British embassies and burning the Israeli flag. That must make sense I suppose if you are a muslim. You can always depend on muslims to perform the animated version of talking bollocks whenever anyone offends their feminine side. Bloody nuts if you ask me. All religion is nuts. If you ask me. But nobody ever does. Imagine if a Pakistani bombed the British embassy and we kicked the shit out of the Uruguayan & Belarus ambassadors then burnt the Papua New Guinea flag. I rest my case mi’ Lord.
On a brighter note, the killing in Syria and tortures in Bahrain are not making the headline news anymore. They haven’t stopped, people are still being murdered in Syria a tortured in Bahrain but old news doesn’t sell newspapers in the west. You can follow what is going on if you open a twitter account and search #syria or #bahrain then “follow” an English speaking Syrian or Bahranian. @luluavenue is the best source on Twitter or here although it hasn’t been updated for a while.
I championed the webpage in support of the freedom fighter versus Gadaffi, it is closed now by the way so don’t bother visiting it but will be reopening soon. I will do the same for Syria and Bahrain whose people are crying for help but for the usual political reasons, the Americans, Russians and mega rich gulf states don’t want to know. William 15 pints Hague does a lot of sabre rattling but being the big puff he is, that’s all it will ever amount to. I’d love to have him one on one. I really would.

When a couple of nation’s rulers soften their dicatatorial stance against their own people, the likes of Burma, Egypt, Libya & Morrocco, there are always some nutcase countries to replace them. I don’t think war is looming, Europe is like it’s volcanoes, dormant. It looks different in the countries where earthquakes and volcanoes shake the land, those nations are far from dormant.

Oh but lets get our priorities right, the REALLY BIG news is, some French pervert with a long lens camera took a blurry photo of the future Queen of UK & Commonweath with her milk bags out. And??



    • They’re all nuts. The root and core blame lies with the bankers in the USA and as such should be held accountable 100%, stripped of all their assets and put in prison for life.


  1. Would have to agree with you. But just how do you lance the pussing sore that Arabia has become. Are the Syrian Govt and army aliens? Just how could they justify what they are doing to their own people? Thats the African way! And in a softer more benign manner the Kiwi Tories have declared war on the poor in NZ. If beneficiaries dont answer more than three phone calls from Work and Income(social welfare), or have a compulsory drug test, or aren’t ready fo work at a non-existence job – they will lose 50% of their welfare benefits. The world has gone mad Mick!


    • I stopped listening to the news for a long time but since I’ve got n android phone I’ve been reading more and more. It won’t work in Europe unless we pay a Kings ransom for connection fees. Tesco..gits. Mobile phone companies. Gits. So stuff the news while we’re on our jollys.


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