We seem to have skipped a season. Straight from Summer into Winter in one fell swoop. Great.
It takes me a couple of weeks to adapt to winter settings and I’m not ready yet dammit.
The only good thing about the colder weather is, we don’t need ice in our drinks for a few months.
As usual, a few days before the holiday, I’ve lost a flippin’ filling. It always happens. I’m going to eat Mother’s Pride and noodle soup for a month before the next holiday to play on the safe side. I managed to get a slot at the Dentist tomorrow at 10.30, shouldn’t take long, then pick up Astrid’s shoes from the cobblers.
I don’t know what it is about women’s shoes, but the quality of the heels and soles are quite shocking compared to men’s shoes, so I took them down today to be soled and heeled. It’s teemed it down all day and the tram track was an inch deep in water, so muggins here gets out of his car just as a tram was passing and got drenched. The cobbler looked at me like I’d just come out of the river. “Bit wet” “Yeah, just a bit”.
We have stuff all over the floor that we are taking to Holland. What was it she said a few weeks ago, oh yes that was it “We won’t be taking anything over with us this time except our clothes and a few presents.” As if :**:
We’ve got gifts for Ferry, Sandra, Gerrit, Tom, Dave, Merel, Angelique, Hanny, Bjorn, Milan, Abel, Joukje and Uncle Sjaak van de Klotenhuizen and all. I’ve probably missed half a dozen.
The cat is running around like a nutter. She’s been in all night and all day, so I reckon she got shut of a kilo of pooh when it stopped raining about an hour ago. Happiness comes in all shapes and forms.
I heard from a Dutch stockcar mate of mine on Twitter, “Wat een klote weer” which translates as What shitty weather. It looks as if it will be better when we sail on Thursday though, fingers crossed.

As you can see, the top of the hill disappeared this morning. It’s still missing. Maybe it will turn up tomorrow.



  1. I must have slept through summer, when did that happen? what week? lol.

    Thats why us wimen need so many pairs of shoes! Works out cheaper than going to the cobblers.

    Have a brill time away, hopefully the wind wil have calmed down before you set sail:)


    • Astrid used to buy Ecco’s but recently has been buying shoes with heels, this means new trousers etc but the heels are plasticky crap, hence my visit to the cobbler today. Our drive is as steep as the north face of the Eiger and don’t want her to go arse over tip because of those stupid plastic heels.


  2. Do you travel by ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge? If so, are there any tips for ‘cheap deals’ as we’re hoping to travel on that route next spring,to avoid the long drive to Dover. Now I’m an honorary Yorkshireman, I’m always on the lookout for a bargain. Have a great holiday and will look forwards to your next blog.


    • Hmmmm, reply a bit late, just got back from Holland this morning. We invariably do Harwich – Hoek van Holland. The price from Hull is far too high and I get bored with the 7+ hours from Harwich/Hoek so 11 hours would drive me potty. It’s only 3 and a half hours from Sheff to Harwich down the A1/A14.


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