Holland 1

We arrived in Holland yesterday to good old cloudy and changeable weather. The driving is far easier. Everything seems more seamless on the autosnelweg. There are nutters of course but the huge majority just drive, don’t get involved in personal road rage vendettas and don’t stick in one bloody lane all the time.
We‘ve been to a flea market today in a village called Heeten. Yesterday was the annual pony fair there, the market is just an extension if it. The whole village closes for two days as the streets turn into a massive jumble sale. IKEA was the next port of csll and it’s just like Leeds or Nottingham or Ashton under Lyne IKEA .The only difference was in the restaurant where thete was kipsate on the menu as well as meatballs.



  1. Enjoy your trip. We have some nutter drivers down here too.

    The grand final of the NRL rugby league in Sydney tomorrow. Melbourne Storm v Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. ‘Storm v Doggies.’ Will be a great game.


    • Answer better late than never eh? Kip sate is common or garden chicken satay, kip is chicken in Dutch. The other protein meats are rundvlees/beef, varkensvlees/pork and lamsvlees/lamb or mutton. Vlees being flesh basically…. ha ha


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