Back to the Sunshine

Yes it was. It was sunny in Sheffield this afternoon. but cold, 5°c colder than Holland.
I had to get used to the usual crap driving in the UK, you know, wrong lane, no indication, tailgating, wanting to race all the time. Dickheads. We even got mixed up in a police chase near Kettering, it was only 8-ish, blue lights everywhere then a blue car overtook us at speed followed by two cop cars that tried to nudge him into a spin at high speed. The old geezer in the Nissan note in front was nearly wiped out. I bet he shit himself. The cops failed and the chase went up the next slip road and we continued our way without any further excitement. The M1 was as normal; Pakis, Indians, young lasses with sat navs and old gits with huge horn rimmed glasses and trilbys, all in the middle lane, oblivious to anyone or any other car around them, everyone else dodging round them.
It’s so good to drive in Holland and Germany, much busier, same speed but people just drive, they don’t try to race, they move into the slower lane as soon as they’ve overtaken, they slot into the traffic to overtake without slowing anyone down behind them. It is so much more fluid. They also have less accidents due to this sensible way of driving.
Our agenda was it’s normal pace:
Thu 27th Sept. Set off at 4:07 arrived Harwich at 7:55. Docked at Hoek van Holland at 16:45 cet
Got to Deventer at around 19:40pm
Fri 28th Flea/Pony markt at Heeten then Ikea in Hengelo
Sat 29th Walked to the river. Bergkerk and market. Talked with Lala in her shop and Minke in hers. Good chance to talk purely in Dutch. Also to Vogel island.
Sun 30th Dave’s birthday. Bites to eat with a few friends & family. Went to see The Angel‘s Share at the filmhuis.
Mon 1st Oct. Repaired Dave’s balcony with Tom and Gerrit, ripped old one off, shaped and spliced a new end support then screwed it in with 9 cm screws, fixed the main rail and top rail. Tom drove us to Arnhem, window shopped then had a McDonalds caesar salad. I’ve had better.
Tue 2nd I did bugger all. Walked to the river Ijssel via Lindenstraat. Astrid went to Twello for a reading and visited Angelique
Wed 3rd visited Ferry & Sandra in Almere. Picked Hanny up. Drove to Almere passed turn off for Almere Buiten and ended up at Lelystad. Bugger.
Thu 4th Shopping in Jumbo supermarkt. Visited Dorus and Astrid. Went to see Harry Sacksioni
play George Harrison in the evening.
Fri 5th Astrid saw Gerard Keilholtz and Minke. We went to Jessica‘s house then to Apeldoorn with Alie en Benny, Tom, Gerrit, Dave, Jessica and Hanny for an Indische feest. Had better.
Sat Oct 6th Went to Almelo to see tante Mijtje, Vonny, Co en Evie in Alie en Bennys house along with Tom and Gerrit. Drove home to Deventer then set off at 5.30 for Stenaline at Hoek van Holland. Topped up with petrol and later we stopped at Rotterdam Haven services for a kroket. Could go on board straight away at half past 7. Journey 8 and a half hours hours. Ready in car 1 hour too early. Stopped at Leicester Forest for a latte and sandwich. Got home. Happy to see the cat, the cat was delirious to see us. Managed to get all the way from Deventer (160km/100miles from HvHolland) to Sheffield (170 miles from Harwich) on one full tank of petrol, about £70 worth.
Apart from that we didn’t do much.
Photos in order: schip, huizen en fiets






  1. Great images. You do enjoy yourself when you go over to Holland, don’t you? Good on you Mick. Did you read about that recent rugby league final in England where an injury resulted in a player having his testicle removed. Talk about putting your body on the line?


  2. That sounds like a busy trip Mick. Hardly a culinary tour eating at all those fast food places. I bet you are glad to get home to some decent food.
    And the cat has been looking forward to seeing you too. That’s nice.


    • I don’t want to shoot you down in flames, but we only visited only one fast food place, McDonalds in Arnhem and as expected, the choice and quality and infact service was a million times better than over here Gross Britannia. The Indische buffet was excellent, not a rijsttafel but quite good, with three rices including nasi goreng, bami, krupuk, martabak telur, gado gado, beef rendang, babi ketjap, chicken sate, emping etc etc. The food was better than decent. We eat well at home but not the bland English stuff my parents and their ilk eat, we occasionally have yer meat, two veg and potatoes although the meat will be well spiced, the veg will be fresh and crispy and the potatoes deffo not just be potatoes.
      The cat is still talking to us. It will wear off. :))


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