And the winnah is…ME

As I was pretty well stuffed and incapable of doing much after our meal, I checked my emails and found I’d got an email telling me we’ve won a 3 course meal for four in Napoleon’s Casino in Sheffield complete with 4 x £5 gambling chips. Apparently we filled a questionaire in at Sheffield Food Fest and it was one of three drawn out for a prize. Good eh?
Tonight’s meal was chicken thighs in Ayam Pedis sauce, Japanese sushi rice, rough chopped chinese leaf blanched in the Ayam Pedis sauce, a couple of slices of deng deng and some home made sambal trassi.
Ayam Pedis is tomato, shallots, chilli, soy oil, sugar, palm sugar, galangal & salt. We buy it ready made in sachets. You need to fry a whole chopped onion before adding the sauce to it, chuck the chicken pieces in, coat the pieces in the sauce then add water until the chicken is half covered and simmer for about 45 minutes. A traditional recipe is to have French beans and coconut milk with it.
Deng deng is dried spiced beef slices, you soften it in water first for 20 minutes or so then lightly fry it in a spot of oil for a few minutes then use the water you soaked it in to add to the oil once the beef has been removed to make a wonderful tasting sauce. Don’t bother asking for it in England. I think however, there is dried spiced beef in most good Chinese food shops but it will be Chinese and not Indonesian.
The sushi rice was purely because we haven’t any other rice in and in any case it takes only half the time to cook as basmati, thai fragrant or long grain.
When we made our sambal, we used half a kilo of fine chopped chillies, 200g palm sugar, 3 tbs salt and half a pint of sunflower oil and of course trassi (dried shrimp paste), two whole blocks of it. It’s red hot but great with rice, only half a teaspoon mind, it’s hot.
The images are of a small house in Deventer which has always intrigued me and of a cat making the most of a recently switched off engine.





  1. That house is fabulous. Your food always sounds incredible. I am the opposite to you in that I love baking but cook meals because we have to eat and nobody believes me when I say we could live on cake alone lol


    • It’s not always exotic, tonight we had a chicken soup thing, just chicken, leek, carrots, green beans, celery, garlic, various peppers, a few lumps of boerenworst (rough dutch sauasage), chestnut mushrooms, scallions and stock. Then I put a smidge of Sheffield’s own Henderson’s Relish in mine. Astrid bought some Stollenbrot from Lidl today, it’s way too heavy for me.


      • You see even the soup sounds much better than mine. I had homemade quiche and chips tonight – very unexciting indeed. Although tomorrow I am doing chinese pork loin with noodles and baby veg, which is slightly better.


  2. I do like that little house and the cat warming itself on the bonnet. We had a kitten in the rescue yesterday that had been trapped in the engine of a truck and driven half way around the country. Poor mite was terrified and developed a heart murmer with the stress….o.k though and already re-homed.

    I’m glad you explained what those foods were, I wouldn’t have a clue!!!! Sounds tasty though if you do eat meat.xxxxx


    • Jeez, I’ve heard about cats that have crawled up into an engine compartment to keep warm. Poor thing. A mate of mine used to put the fish and chips in the engine compartment to keep them warm on the way home.


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