It’s Man Flu

Yes, confirmed. I feel half dead, so it must be man flu. Treatable with (in my case) Glen Talloch whisky. Apparently Holland’s most popular blended whisky. Two for one with a bottle of Jenever for Astrid’s cousin whom we visited in Almere. I quite like Jenever myself as well.
I’m just chilling out a bit, with a really warm and happy go lucky feeling at the moment. Watching an American apocalypse film at the moment on RTL7, there is a massive earthquake going on but, typically, two blokes are having a scrap. Hilarious. It’s basically the same script at The Poseidon Adventure but adapted to a volcanic eruption “movie”.

The first image is a bridge over the A1 between Deventer and Arnhem and below is the A20 between Schiedam and Maassluis.





  1. Nice shots Mick as for the Man Flu I believe it can be fatal, espcially if too much whinging goes on, it kind of causes the female of the species to want to hit you very hard over the head with a heavy object. Just saying………………..


    • Thank you very much. Sorry the image is so dark, I could have lightened it but that is how it was, don’t let the blue sky deceive you, a few minutes later as we approached Hoek van Holland it was too dark to take photos. The whisky is indeed doing a good job.


      • Thanks. I’ll tell Astrid, she took it, I was driving.
        Oh, we went to see Harry Sacksioni by the way, he was playing George Harrison stuff, his own versions as well as a narrative of his own genesis on the guitar, most of which I understood but as with British irony, some of the Dutch jokes passed right over my head until Gerrit or Astrid explained them, by which time the joke wasn’t funny. We have a double album of his, which Astrid had signed and it’s a more refined version of the concert he gave the evening we were there. cheers
        When are we going to see you on “TV” again Tom?


      • George Harrison was always my favourite Beatle and I really like quite a lot of his songs.

        I have been busy learning a lot of new songs over the last few months as well as writing a few of my own. I suppose I should get them recorded and uploaded at some point. I’ll work on that slowly over the next few months.


    • It’s derogatory towards men I know that but at least it placates the women into thinking they are strong and better than men. Even if it is a load of cobblers. Thanks anyway, I feel a bit better today and I’m sure as I get dragged around Tesco tomorrow I’ll hardly have time to notice it.


  2. Whisky is the way to go, man flu is a bugger….thats why i orefer whisky over men!

    I liked the bottom picture too, something about an avenue of tree’s seems to always appeal. Of course the other piccie was nice too.


  3. Ahhhhhh….poor you!!!! Hope you’re not driving Astrid crackers with your demands!!!!

    Enjoy feeling happy and floaty, your film and your whisky!

    I do LOVE that second pic!xxxxx


    • As if! We’ve been spring cleaning early today. We go to Holland, see their minimalistic houses and think, yeah, we’ll make our house like that. A month later it’s back to being an antique shop again.


    • Thing is, I hardly drink, but I do like a whisky, normally a whiskey, Black Bush or Jameson’s but beggars can’t be choosers. I read about a blended whisky described as “like Glenmorangie but polluted with some southern Scottish 8 year old.”


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