Sick Again

On Led Zeppelin’s Physical Grafitti album there is a track called Sick Again.
I’m writing this in diary style because I just couldn’t be bothered to compose it any other way. My apologies.
It’s grey, overcast, the sun has been out though but this virus is still infesting my body. I’m feeling fat and looking shit or whatever the saying is. You see things differently when you are weak and feel lethargic, some things seem clearer, other things just seem so meaningless that you wipe them from your mind. Andrew Marr was interviewing the defence secretary, what a lot of schoolboy shit he was speaking. It’s all a game to these Tories.
I tend to dream when I’m ill. I don’t normally dream. I had to abort a dream when the alarm went off at 6.45 to awaken me for the Korean Grand Prix race. I would have got up early anyway. Note I said “got” and not “gotten”. I was really enjoying the Robert Ludlum book I was reading last night until I came across the word “gotten”. All the so called modern words the Yanks inflict on the human race worldwide like glitzy, mega, crack open and so forth and then this olde worlde wilde west dogonne varmint appears.
I’m watchimg a western. I never watch westerns. I’ve not been out today and have no intentions of either. I was planning on going to Belle Vue Manchester to the stockcars but instead I’ve chopped some vegetables and wanged them in the slow cooker with some stewing steak we left on all night. I picked every bean we had left on the plants yesterday after the frost yesterday morning. We will have a good soup in a while.
Of the three flowers we put in the vase, one has wilted quite alarmingly. The cows have escaped again and are ambling along the lane instead of in the field. Our sunflower flowered and then the wind blew it over so Astrid cut off all the flowers and they are now flowering in the kitchen. Tomorrow we get our oven fixed. The fan ring broke and a big piece of red hot metal dropped into the bottom of the oven. It sparked a bit so we haven’t used the bottom oven for about a year. I also hope to get my roof fixed on the car. Some bastard hit it in Holland and it has three dents in it. A stockcar mate called Mark who drives Modstox No.808, has a glass lifting device and will nip over to try to pull the dents out. Good old Mark. He sat in a bath of maggots at Sheffield’s Fright Night last year to raise money for Bluebell Wood Hospice. Salt of the earth these people.






  1. Wow. For someone who is sick, you are a busy boy. And don’t forget that when the sunflowers have died down, you can get the seeds out of the flower heads and eat them (or feed them to the birds if you prefer). It’s all go in your household. Enjoy your TV today and rest as much as poss.
    take care xx


  2. Awwwww….sorry to hear you are still feeling grotty. It is horrible when you get a nasty virus. I hope you feel better soon.

    What a lovely view you have from your window!xxxxx


    • Thanks. We love the view as well, we missed it when we were in Nederland, still want to go and live there though. They don’t have interfering Tories over there. They have a proper coalition not a gang of school bullies and some weaklings.


  3. Just getting over another dose of the bot. A 48 hr version. I’ve had a gutsful this year – a clinging cold and viris I can’t really get rid of. I need some of your soup. Kangaroos beat the Kiwis – 18-10. Good game. The Roos stars and props were the difference.


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