Autumnal at Last

I thought we were going straight from Spring to Winter. We didn’t have a summer and we all know why and the early frosts convinced me that this bastard Tory Government had got rid of autumn as well. It might just be one day, if that’s the case today was it and here are three autumnal images from this morning’s wander. Oh yes, I’ve decided I have recovered. I hate hanging about with colds and ailments so I’ve knocked it in the head. I just used a good anti-virus programme. It’s called “drink as much water and citrus based fluids as you can”. The two of the wildlife are pretty poor quality, from the pocket camera which I’ve since found out had a dirty lens. The diet starts now, we always do after we’ve been to Holland. We eat too much bread, too much cheese, too much spekkoek & too much appeltaart. Tonight’s delicacy was spinach leaf, lean pancetta and mashed potato all mashed up together with a couple of slices of really lean frying steak (£2.79 from Lidl).






  1. You charge the Government with inordinate powers Mick. Even Genghis Khan could not have massacred a season out of existence. Autumnally speaking, we’re further along the road than progress at your end appears to be, more’s the pity.

    That grouse is looking for trouble. I hope she was not near a road.


    • Thanks. If it’s a nice day todsy (‘cos it is Tuesday now) I’ll take the 18x zoomer out and take some of herons and hopefully, but probably not a cat in hell’s chance, a jay. There’s plenty about but they’re like lightening.


  2. We seem to have skipped Autumn too, although thankfully it is dry for now. I can just about bear the cold if I am wrapped up and don’t have to go too far but hate it if it is combined with rain!!
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Good luck with the diet. We are doing well on ours so far, another fast due next week to get rid of another chunk of the flab.


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