Indonesian Food

This a small sample of the Indonesian food we were eating just a fortnight ago in Apeldoorn. Seems like only yesterday then it seems like weeks ago. We make some of this stuff here at home but having it cooked in an Indonesian restaurant is far easier. The Emping and Krupuk for instance need deep frying, we ain’t got a deep fryer. The Lontong is weird to the British palate, cold blocks of compressed rice when the rest of the meal is hot? It is nice however, but very filling. The frikandellen were a shock, I hate cauliflower, totally tasteless stuff, but I ate it not to lose face.

Here is a list of the dishes with a brief description, you’ll need to click the image to see it full and see what everything is. Or not. Please yourself 😀
Nasi kuning (yellow rice)
Sambal goreng telor (fried egg sambal)
Rundvlees & bloemkool frikandel (hollow meat & cauliflower ball)
Rundvlees rendang (beef coconut curry)
Gado gado (mixed veg with peanut sate)
Witte rijst (white rice)
Tempeh (dried soy bean cake)
Krupuk (prawn crackers)
Emping (fried sliced belinjo nut)
Ayam goreng (fried chicken in spicy sauce) Got it down as Opor Ayam but it wasn’t.
Lontong (compressed cold rice cake)


Here are some of my wonderful Indo-Dutch family.



    • Funnily enough, yeah, I agree. I sometimes see something I’ve not tried, have no idea what it is, but it sounds okay so I try it. Sometimes a nasty surprise. I once had some, what I thought was chicken rendang, turned out to be tripe slices.


    • Yeah me too. That’s actually the origins of the famous Rijsttafel. It’s not an Indonesian or Malayan thing, rather the Dutch colonists who couldn’t decide what to have so they had it all laid out in front of them so they could choose what they wanted.


    • If you are are a veggie, yes, the choice is vast compared to what I’ve seen on the British menus. Most are boiled or fried in peanut oil with plenty of coconut. Try to get hold of some lontong or attempt to make it. You can have it with savoury or sweet. I’ve had no meat meals several times in Indo restaurants, but I have a weakness for nasi goreng, infact anything with prawns or prawn flavour or any seafood.


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