Time for Change

Something has got to give. This country is a shambles. Kids have no discipline and hence no morals. Their parents can’t even see there is a problem because they never gave a toss anyway and still don’t. The government is addressing all the wrong issues, it’s all about money, money, money for them. This sends all the wrong messages out. Don’t they know that because most of us haven’t got any apart from to tick over from week to week, we don’t give a shit about bloody money.
I would love to think I had enough loose money, not the value of the house, but loose money to finance a move to somewhere else in the world. But where? Where is it possible to live without somebody trying to impose their will, their ideas, their stupid laws on you? Before Eire joined the Euro and infact before they joined the EEC as it was, there was a sense of freedom, you could do basically what you wanted albeit people had far less to spend, there was definitely a sense of adventure there. Not now. The taxman, the insurance companies, the local councils and God knows who else, wants a piece of everyone’s gold. It used to be be the leprechauns that stole the gold and left your purse with a feeling of lightness, now it is the Govt.
Deventer rooftops from the top of St Lebenius’s kerk.
The treeline at the reaservoir today. Crap photo, taken by LG400 phone.
Lastly, friends of our kitchen table.






  1. Those of lovely piccies Mick, LOVE the first and second one, and pity you can’t afford to come here, you would be right at home!! although to be honest the buggers are ALWAYS after your gold so to speak :))


  2. Know what you mean Mick…there is a Town about 2 miles up the road and it is full of ‘chavs’ and has loads of problems…..Most are out of work or travellers that have been housed.

    Wish we could have that referendum regards the EU as if we came out it would free up so much money the gov are taking from us. No more paying for the families of people who live here and the family in their own country as the cost of living is less….

    No more NHS, housing benefit etc going out to non UK citizens…oh and I was told by a person in the ‘know’ that there are many in this area that are claiming unemployment.

    They are lovely pics and I use my phone a lot for quick ‘snaps’ Why is the last one looking like a canvas print?

    P xx


  3. I know what you mean Mick, I’m always wondering where we could go, We’re sick to death of Britain that’s for sure.

    I loved these pics, the last one is SOOOOOOOO cute!xxxxx


    • Where to go though, where there isn’t a war or a bunch of rich toffs and politicians telling us we need to cut back. How anyone can cut back from nothing without owing, I don’t know.


    • The way I lived before the Tories got in was okay. I didn’t screw the country up so why should mine and everyone elses quality of lives be lowered by a bunch of thieving scum whose forefathers got rich by exploiting the poor and the people from the colonies. And why do British people put up with it?


    • Northern Europeans seem to have very little stomach for a fight against their own thieving governments these days, but we really shouldn’t allow the mega rich to squander a country’s resources then blame the poor for it.


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