Cat Burglar

Nobody explained to my cat about this extra hour in bed. 7 o’clock it normally is, so 6’o’clock it was today. And it will be the same tomorrow.
Tonight is fright night in Sheffield where thousands of people dress up in Halloween costumes and where witches, wizards and fairies abound. As usual the weather is crap, blustery windy and squally showers. We are off out for a meal on Wednesday, not to avoid the trick or treaters, but because it seemed a good idea at the time. We have a big bag of Halloween sweet mix by the door. Last year I just told them to bugger off. One year we had some old satsumas and I dropped them in their “greedy” bag. You should have seem their faces. I looked in the bag and it was chockablock with mars bars, kit-kat & other sweets plus of course my three satsumas. I asked one kid, who looked a bit too big for tricking and treating, what he’d do if I said trick instead of treat and he said he’d draw something on my car, I said I’d make an imprint of the gatepost on his head if he did anything to any car on the street. We tape the letterbox shut as well at night because one year I heard some cretins were posting bangers through. It’s not the bang, although the burn damage can be expensive but if I went out and caught someone doing it I’d do something pretty awful to them and probably end up in jail.
Anyway pre-assessment tomorrow for Astrid for the perforated eardrum, up bright and early, into the rush hour traffic for a 9.15 appointment in the city centre. Can’t wait.
This is not our car by the way, it’s one of the new cats on the block. It licks all the butter off the cakes normally but this time it was eating Stollen Brot. So long as it wasn’t planning on going swimming after, it should have been alright.




  1. These ‘Trick-or-Treaters’ could get nasty….:roll: Should they not be gaoled?;
    All good wishes for Astrid. I’m sure all shall be well….
    NOW….Don’t get into a scrap with those ‘Tricksters’….;)


    • Who started all this crap anyway, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Whitsuntide, Halloween, Grandmothers day…..yes, I heard it was Grandmothers day in the good old U S of bloody A. I’m of a Germanic mentality, a tree, some coloured trimmings and a few pieces of chocolate. Mind, even they’re going the way of the yanks materialistic garbage.


      • I agree. Thing is, there is some correlation between pop stars, rappers, pro footballers, basketball players, drug barons etc and trophy dogs, not to mention hummers and immense truck type cars with blacked out windows. It sends the wrong signal to the kids about the type of dog they need to have to be street cred. The poor dogs don’t know anything different. Maybe some of these bojangled rappers should buy a miniature poodle, they’re clever. On second thoughts, the dog would be embarrassingly more intelligent than the owner in most cases. 😀


  2. Its as bad as the old Guy Fawkes days by the sound of it? Not many little kids around our street now. Two of my grandsons have gone to Christchurch to live. They kept most of the other kids away.


    • I used to love Guy Fawkes night, the bonfires, sparklers, rockets and bonfire toffee. We never had a halloween as such, it was mischievous night, involved knock and run and other, what we though was harmless fun!


      • Guy,guy,stick him up high, stick him on a lamp post and there let him die!

        Christmas is coming, the old goose is fat,

        Have you a penny for the old man’s hat,

        If you haven’t got a penny a happeny will do!


  3. Oh dear, a perforated eardrum…the last thing Astrid needs is bangers and fireworks as well as all the Halloween things.

    In one of our local stores the staff dressed up as ghouls and whatever. One girl slightly missed the mark, but I liked her best of all, her court jester bells had a very sweet tinkle.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why Halloween has to be an excuse for bad behaviour and vandalism. In one town not far away from me, there used to be a kick-ee door in night.


  4. Ah, poor Astid, that ear sounds painful.

    We get lots of kids knocking, I collect the slummy all year and hand it out….

    A couple of years ago I chased someone in a gorilla suit who threw an egg at the window, it’s a real pain to get off.xxxxx


  5. To me, it is a recruiting day for future thugs. One year when I was visiting my parents someone threw something really hard at my parent’s window. I flew out and he got on his bike but I caught him at the bottom of a gennel when he had to get off because of a bollard, he held his bike against me so I grabbed it and hit him with it. He died years later choking on his own vomit after a drink and drugs evening in Rhodes. To be honest, he was a total waste of a human being: drugs, theft, beating his father up, better off dead in my opinion for that alone.
    On that happy note…..Astrid’s ear is being operated on so hopefully it will improve her hearing and reduce her headaches.


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