Cats Eyes

Is it cat’s eyes or cats eyes? Well it’s our cat’s eyes, they belong to our cat, Mandarijn. What goes on behind those sneaky, snakelike, sharklike eyes? Those eyes transmit what they see to a brain the size of half a walnut. The response time by a cat to a vocal command is approximately 7 seconds but to a movement or something which triggers the instinctive impulses, the response time is less than a second. Cats seem to be oblivious to Pavlov’s Law (motor neurone response to a signal), where the bell became the signal, much like the New York & London stock exchanges come to think of it. For a cat, if there is no food when they expect it, they just wait. Then they annoy. Then they become vocal. But they don’t salivate. They only salivate in conjunction with purring. Eating to a cat is still a means of survival unlike a dog, which has the childlike expectation of something nice and tasty, the salivation replacing the moody tantrum that a child would display. That’s my take on it anyway.
The flowers are crocosmia, the yellow/orange one, it grows from bulbs in profusion, which split and multiply. It’s the only thing still flowering, the rest are merely hanging on for dear life, a few honeysuckles, a couple of hortentia. The eucalyptus tree is just exactly the same as it was in March except a metre higher. It needs pruning, I’ve trained it to hang over the grass terrace, it provides a nice shade when it’s sunny.
Herbs are not classed as flowers as such, at least by the gardening pedants out there, here is the flower of the blackcurrant sage. It’s the most beautiful colour.






  1. You really don’t seek thoughts on the illustrious apostrophe, do you Mick? We all have accidents with it, and some people have no inkling how to place it.

    Nice image of your cat’s eye. Manadarijn is intent upon something.

    The flowers a a small shaft of sunshine.


    • Astrid bought “Eats, shoots and leaves” and to someone to whom English is not the first language, posed more problems than it solved. Most of today’s kids have circumvented the apostrophe issue anyway by not bothering. Maybe it’s a sweeping generalisation but in my experience it holds true.
      Mandarijn was intent on the door, she has a thing about it these days, she feeds near there and last week a courier knocked at the door just as she was eating, she spun round, arched her back, her tail grew to resemble a flue brush and she hissed loudly at him. Hell hath no fury like a cat scared…..


      • I have the book- can’t remember the detail now, it’s so long since I looked at it. I shall have to re-visit eats shoots and leaves.

        Cats are an amazing sight when they puff up to double their size.


  2. Lovely pics, the cat’s eye looks like a semi-precious stone.

    Our stray cat, Curly, behaves like a dog. S/he is greedy, lies on it’s back to have it’s tum rubbed….whereas our collie behaves exactly like a cat!xxxxx


    • Mandarijn is picky. Today’s salmon and beluga caviar rissotto with langoustines and hollandaise dressing accompanied by sautee’d lamb kidneys marinated in Stella Artois cidre for instance, she just turned her nose up at it, so Astrid chucked some Tesco biscuits on it and she ate it. Come to think of it, I think it was just Felix salmon……


  3. I was so scared to see the eyes of the cat. I should say those eyes were sharp like that of a snake that drives away all the courage in you. and to bring in to your notice I have not realized the way you have shown the connection between cat’s eye and flowers.
    Dunham boots


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