Sceptical, noooooo

It comes naturally to me. To be sceptical. I have a pathological mistrust of anyone who starts sentences with “I’d to like to remind…..” or “With the greatest of respect….”. Basically people making smart arse comments to make themselves appear important, such as MPs or well…………MPs.
When an MP says he has no recollection of something, he means he doesn’t want to answer further questions on the matter in case it gets too close to the truth.
When an MP says he agrees with what you are saying, it actually means it will be forgotten as soon as you are out of sight.
When an MP says he hears what you are saying, he doesn’t. He hears only what he is thinking.

So when Cameron says we must not listen to scurrilous newspaper reports, especially about one of his own party, then we must, it’s Tory logic. The thing is, politicians especially Tories, tell so many lies, nobody knows what is the truth or what is a lie anymore. Bollocks to all that parliamentary protocol crap “being economic with the truth”, in the real world where people work, eat, sleep and live within their means, it is called lying, plain and simple. It is immoral and deceptive. Unfortunately, as with all schoolboys, lying is in their DNA until they grow up. This normally happens when they get married and have a family. This doesn’t happen to Tories though as Alan Clarke showed when he shagged his best friend’s wife and both daughters. A man with depraved morals on a par with the Savilles and Glitters of this world.

I also see most of the MPs who have travelled abroad over the last year have travelled first class. In one case a 2 day visit for 4 MPs cost £82,000. Taxpayers money as well no less. Russia Today interviewed a woman about it as she was exiting a travel shop, she must have had a bad experience because she said “they ought to make them use Easy Jet, they’d wish they’d never bothered”. I have a different idea, put them in first class on a plane with no brakes. A tad draconian maybe but they won’t do it again.

The bird is a pied wagtail. The Moon, well it was a daytime image but when I tried to “auto adjust” the colours in Photoshop it turned out like this. So I left it, I mean whoever has seen a light blue Moon anyway?







  1. Fab pictures I must find time to get out and take some.

    Regards politicians you hit the nail on the head!!!!

    As I have said so many times recently they NEVER grow up…I am sure they just sit round a table and play ‘Monopoly’ swopping the hotels and houses for benefits and imigration.

    P xx


  2. I have to agree with you Mick…I don’t tend to be the most trusting person either, especially where politicians are concerned.

    Beautiful pics, especially the pied wagtail.xxxxx


  3. How could any reasonably intelligent young person now consider a career in politics? Who wants to be hated by everyone except fellow free-loaders? My pet hate phrase is ‘To tell you the truth’ as if every comment up to then hasn’t been, which in the case of most politician is probably the case. It’s been a while since the last blog so I hope that both of you are well and that Astrid’s eardrum is healing.


    • Oh yes, I seem to remember that. Mind you, seeing as all the landed gentry are up to this sort of thing, it’s quite normal for them. It goes back to days of shagging servants and maids as and when they pleased whilst their filthy greedy hands were stealing all the land they could of our forefathers.


  4. I do not know about David Cameron’s love affairs. As I am not married to him I do not care. I am married to a Liverpudlian. I have never voted for the Tories. I will never vote for them. I am not allowed to vote for the parliament only for the local elections. I am not British. But in my own country I have never voted the Conservative Party either.
    Some people are just full of them themselves and I do not have the time of the world for them.
    Yes, I do like your photos.
    Maria 🙂


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