You’ve heard of Operation Barbarossa and Operation Overlord and even Operation Market Garden, well today it was Operation Cancelled. What a bugger. She was all packed, up at 6.30 for one last coffee and ruskbread, got there at 10-ish, at 2.30 she rang me to tell me the operation had been cancelled due to no anaesthetist. What a waste of time. I’d love to be able to extract some money off the anaesthetist for wasting Astrid’s, mine and the NHS’s time. That’d teach him or her to communicate better and stop wasting people’s bloody time.
She’s well disappointed, happy to be at home and not to be in pain with a bandage round her head looking like an extra in Saving Private Ryan, but she wants it over and done with. Now she has to wait for a letter to drop through the letterbox with a new date on. Boring.

Thanks for everyone’s nice comments on my previous post.

Picture today is a series of apple photos Astrid took, so I thought it might be good to put them all together and add a few artistic effects. Andy Warhol flogged some of his crap for a few million dollars yesterday, maybe this one could be worth a bob or two?





  1. Put it out there, you might just make enough to pay the anaesthetist to come to the house then lol. It is appalling that there was no notice, can’t think of much that would have been so immediate he couldn’t have let people know. Hope Astrid gets the appointment soon – there will probably be lots of patient cancellations this time of year so she might be lucky x


    • We didn’t waste the day, we went to Chatsworth Xmas market. We got there early and as we left there were coaches full of grey haired people arriving. Phew, that was so close!


  2. What a pain!!!! It’s horrible to build yourself up for an op, actually hang around the hospital then ….narda. Poor girl, she’ll have to psyche herself up all over again when she gets the new date!!!

    I rather like your apple thingy!!!! I was staring at it and then wondered what it would look like if all the pics were circular and then spiraled out from the original, whole apple…..I’ll get me coat!xxxxx


    • We’re doing another photo sequence, me eating a whole ham shank from crackling down to dry bone. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      I doubt we’ll get Astrid in before Xmas now. On top of that there usually an MRSA outbreak over Xmas….


  3. It is very disappointing to be all geared up and ready to go, then be told ‘the race is cancelled’

    It happened to me earlier this year. I was sitting on the hospital theatre bed, 200 miles from home, prepped up for theatre, gown on, when a very senior nurse sidled up to tell me the Professor was ill and there was no-one else able or knowledgeable enough to take on the work. Two of us were affected, the woman in the bed next to me was very grumpy about it and she lived locally, about a mile and a half up the road.

    The up side was, I was able to enjoy one of the few sunny and warm days we had this year.


    • Poor you as well. At least I was told a day in advance. Twice. Once for an MRSA outbreak then the second time for an outbreak of the novo virus. It was good because the first two were just before xmas and I’d have been housebound for 3 months what with the snow and ice that year.


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