Woke up this morning…

Yeah, a good opening blues lyric right…maybe it was after watching The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus last night. To see Brian Jones, Keith Moon, John Entwistle and John Lennon all on the same show was quite something. Prior to that was a pseudo documentary showing supposedly unseen footage of the Stone and friends, and there he was, the wonderful Ronnie Lane who played in the Small Faces, The Faces, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart et al and then solo, he tragically died of MS after a 21 year struggle. What a fantastic musician he was though.

I woke up this morning, well the cat woke me at 8.30 which is an hour later than normal. Do cats understand lie ins on Sundays or has the clocks going back finally taken effect? Anyway, I fed and watered the beast and had a look out of the window and saw a larger bird than normal dangling from the peanut dangly thingy on the apple tree. I grabbed my trusty Panasonic FZ18 and tried to get a few snaps in before it flew away. It was a great spotted woodpecker. Would it hell like come round to my side before it flew off so this is the best I could do. Their flight pattern is also rather different to the everyday sparrow or bluetits we get who tend to flutter and flit about, the woodpecker on the other hand was twice as quick, swooping and diving at high speed. Brilliant. The other image is from my wander a few days ago, of Broomhead Reservoir and Ewden Valley. Nobody would believe this is a mere 10 miles from the centre of a city of 600,000 people and 8 miles from that godforsaken hell hole called Meadowhall. Think massive shopping mall, a million cars, Christmas shopping and idiots with far more money than sense and you’re almost there.

Shopping is not a day out. Believe me. A day out is Whitby, fishing boats, the sea crashing against rocks, green grass on fields interspersed by dry stone walls and dotted with cows, horses and sheep, ruined 11th century castles and abbeys, walks through steep sided valley bottoms alongside rivers with stepping stones over them with brown trout gliding in and out of emerald green streamer weed. Not shopping.
Got to go, the bread machine has beeped and I’m hungry just with the smell….






  1. Fantastic pic of the woodpecker Mick ! You were lucky to see it. I saw a large. Starling on the bird feeder tiday. Very unusual. Lovely countryside photo too. I agr eewi uth you about shopping centres. Not my
    idea. Of a day out. Enjoy your loaf x ps excuse spelling. Am on my phone


  2. Wow….how lucky are you seeing that woodpecker. It is amazing as you say to think how close the city is and yet wildlife finds a way. I have a plastic woodpecker in a tree and a live one flits in and kicks it out….I never get more than a fleeting glimpse though.xxxxx


    • I loved seeing the woodpecker. The countryside is pretty good round here, South is Peak District, North is pennines and Last of Summer Wine country, West is pennines and wilderness, esst is Rotherham and what a pile of pooh that is. Hence the reason why the largest sewage farm in the area, basically where all the pooh from all Shevilders ends up, is on the Rotherham side of the M1, east of the city and downwind.


    • We don’t see them very often round here. There is plenty of woodland infact we’re surrounded by it, plenty of places for the woodpeckers to hide. I hear them atop the moors quite often when the sound carries in the breeze.


  3. What’s this I see on your blog, mick from Sheffield and speaks English? You must be an in-comer. Thought all Sheffielders were Dee-Dah’s . The ones I’ve met are !!. Seriously, though, what’s wrong with the countryside around Sheffield? I originate from Hoyland, about 12 miles away.Spent my working life underground, so any open air does it for me. Drive into S6 every other week to the Palace of Varieties (aka Hillsborough) and currently resident in the Peak District (often mistaken for the Lake District by the sight of all the rain outside) and travel from Buxton via Castleton,Hope,Bamford,Ladybower and Rivelin, and when there’s no fog it’s a superb run. And the thing that never ceases to amaze me is that within minutes of leaving the City Centre you’re literally amongst some of the most beautiful countryside in the land. Having travelled a fair amount, there are few cities with environs like Sheffield. Yes, it’s got it’s black-spots. I well remember travelling from Sheffield home to Elsecar & Hoyland by steam train, and going through the most inappropriately named area of all – Brightside! Don’t know where they got that name, ‘cos at the time all you could see was the yellow and black of the air around the steelworks. Still, keep up the photography, and when the weather is fine (on the occassional day) get out into the Peaks, it’s superb.


    • I worked at Hawke St and our cabin/office/shed backed onto the Don near “Salmon Pastures”. It had salmon and was pasture once. It had oil and floating black substances when I worked there.
      We go to the Peaks quite often, we have family in Cressbrook. I was out at Chatsworth at the Xmas fair on Wednesday. And I go to High Edge raceway at Buxton quite often for the stockcars. When ever our Aussie mates come over, we invariably take them up Winnats or Edale or the Derwent Arm of Ladybower then stop in Castleton for a beer. Seedy abaht.


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