I found this in the cupboard. It looks bloody awful. It looks like a stodgy, shapeless & ugly piece of work. It really does look absolutely shite. The risotto doesn’t look much better either. I half heartedly got it out for tonight’s meal. It was a packet of dried risotto with dried asparagus and things. We didn’t eat it, it’s going in the bin unopened.
The Italian army lived on this and tomato puree in WW2. No wonder they surrendered en mass when the British arrived with their wonderful bully beef, hard tack (dog biscuits) and machonachie stew.
Sorry about the picture quality, it didn’t deserve any better to be quite honest. Most of the packaged stuff promoted by TV chefs is crap. It’s easier, far easier to make your own stuff. Have you also noticed almost everything they make has 50g of butter or 3 tablespoons of olive oil in, not to mention half a pint of double cream or full fat milk. They are trying kill us whilst taking money from our pockets, it’s a kind of mugging.



    • Yes it is but it has a taste. Vegetable or sunflower oil doesn’t to such an extent. If you make something with coconut in and use olive oil it will change the taste and make it taste a bit bitter, likewise with lemon grass or any other subtle tasting foodstuffs. You can give dogs & cats a teaspoon of sunflower oil as well, it improves their coat and gets rid of scurvy, per our vet. Better straight from a tin of mackerel in sunflower oil, the cats love it.


      • Ah! Thanks for that, I never thought about olive oil changing the flaours of other foods.

        I always give the dogs and the stray cat sunflower oil as you say it’s great for them!xxxxx


  1. Never, never buy dehydrated risotto. After the basic prep. which takes little time, it’s easy enough to make with Arborio rice, a chicken or vegetable stock cube in the water for it to absorb flavours while it cooks. As for additions, if you use veggies like asparagus, mushrooms and broccoli, a few minutes will see them done. You probably spent as much time waiting for the packet stuff to hydrate as it might have taken to make the dish from scratch. You make all sorts of exotic dishes, add this one to the list.

    Good for you for highlighting these disgusting and expensive ways to make meals.


    • I don’t know where we got it from, we always cook with fresh stuff. Occasionally we use “boil in the bag” rice, like tonight, because I only had a cup of sushi rice and brown rice left in the rice bin and we needed white with the king prawns and squid.


    • We had a blue cheese and spring onion flavour bag as well. The whole concept of risotto to me is wrong. Rice pudding is okay but as we eat Indonesian, Chinese & Japanese so much, it’s got to be fluffy and firm not soggy and mushy as far as savoury meals are concerned.


  2. I do as you ALL know use some packaged or tinned food, but ready meals have to be a total emergency (and then I wouldn’t have one in πŸ˜‰ )

    That rice would have had some veg added and given to Alfie who demolishes loads each day with his meat.

    P xx


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