All The World’s a Tip

Every city in the world has good bits and bad bits. I saw some rough places in Brisbane, rusting cars in front gardens, bin liners strewn all over the streets and empty bottles in the gutters.
Think of Italy, I think of Tuscany, Venice and Milan. Think of Japan I think of the Emperors Palace, the houses piled on top of each other, the narrow streets and electricity and telephone cables everywhere.~
London, well I’ve been through the tourist bits, the bits that are kept clean to project the right image but also went to Cold Blow Lane, Millwall’s old football ground, Croydon, Camden and Slough. Okay, Slough is a little out of the city, but the place was inert, that’s about all I can think of to describe it.
In the Full Monty, they chose all the worst places to film: Parkwood Springs, Sky Edge, Attercliffe, Neepsend and Heeley. I could take you to worse places right in the city centre, also in Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham.
Pictures are from Google Earth: Bari, Italy then Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan then London around Blackwall tunnel area. Actually I think the Google Earth team took a wrong turning in Bari, you don’t normally find a toilet by the edge of the road.






    • I find them fascinating as well. Amsterdam is like any other major city if you know where to look. On the flip side, I’ve often been told “Hey, don’t go there, it’s a dump”. Someone once said that about Musselburgh, I actually found Musselburgh quite nice, it was a warm balmy summer’s evening, kids were swimming in the harbour, a wedding was going on, some rough looking blokes in kilts had come outside for a smoke and to escape the ultra loud music. A few dog walkers were throwing balls along the clean sand, a disco ship had pulled into the bay.


  1. I’m sure, Mick, that you get out into the beautiful Peak District, as I do. One thing becomes blatantly obvious, wherever you go. The less there is of Human Beings, the more beautiful the world becomes. It is the people who create the slums, not nature. How often do you pull into a carprk overlooking wonderful scenery, only to find that some unintelligent lout has spoiled the area with an emptied car ash tray, or a discarded Plastic bag?


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