I’ve just been watching a programme about Cambodia and pepper. Astrid’s recovering, she’s sat there chuntering away at the bloke on the programme who talks incessantly in a whiny boring way. If Carlsberg made chefs, he’d probably be about the most boring chef ever.
I find most of these TV chefs pretentious, can’t stand that big effeminate drama queen Ainsley Haricot as everyone knows. I’d sooner punch him in the face than look at him. I saw Rick Stein live once, and I’ll tell you what, he could bore the pants off a robot. Mine and Astrid’s mate Enzo epitomised what I believe a chef should be, and that is simply, to be a good chef. He made us the best Spaghetti Con Cozze (mussels Sicilian style) we’ll probably ever eat. He kept shouting “bello siciliano” or it might have been “beddo” from the kitchen amidst a cacophony of hissing, the ceramic clattering of mussel shells and the metallic sound of various utensils. He and his Dutch wife Loes, have had to forfeit the franchise of their ristorante as it wasn’t making any more money. They now have to travel from Voerens in Belgium, all the way to Eindhoven, to work in Enzo’s brother’s ristorante to make ends meet because they didn’t pay into a pension scheme. It’s a round trip of 100 miles. Enzo sings & Loes waits on. Enzo is 70 & Loes is mid 60’s. I feel sorry for them. They should be putting their feet up and relaxing at their ages. This is what Britain will be like soon, people working into their 80’s because their pensions are worth sweet FA even though they will soon be forced by law to pay into one. We have a CD of his and he really can sing Italian arias very well.
Tonight we finished off the koffie liquer. Last night we had some dengdeng. It’s air dried sliced Indonesian spiced beef, which needs soaking in water for a few hours first, then frying in butter or oil until it is firm. It is traditionally served with white rice and constitutes a whole meal along with some vegetables. This is the label, the evidence has long since gone.





  1. Mmmmm…..Such a rich variety of foods…cross-cultured…in Holland! :lalala:
    🙄 Working at 70…I mean, of necessity…:roll: Good to be retired and to work for personal pleasure….;)


    • I’m a foodaholic, not quantity, mainly quality, so having one foot in Europe and one in multicultural Britain is a culinary adventure. The Turkish and Moroccan cultures have also taken a hold in Belgium & Holland. Unfortunately a huge percentage (pro rata) of crime in both countries is attributable to northern Africans especially Moroccans.


  2. Great post Mick. Food, food, food! I get a bit sick of all the food shows on TV. Glad Astrid is improving. The NZ Sevens won the South African tournament for a record fourth time. They are now the All Black Sevens, along with the Maori All Blacks. There is only one All Black team: the international 15’s.


  3. Glad Astrid is improving and I agree about the ‘chefs’

    Jamie Oliver must have got the recipe from Oliver Twist for some of his ‘Pukker Meals’ I bought one once…never again….gave it to woof and he looked at me, sniffed it and walked off.

    P xx


  4. I couldn’t agree more about chefs….I remember the programme made about the Adelphi
    Hotel in Liverpool where a guy was always screaming “Just cook will yeah” at the chef. Great to hear Astrid is on the mend.xxxxx


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