Black Bloody Ice

Yep, slipped on the black ice. Took all the weight on my hands and shoulders, ripped my hands to shreds, our drive is a rough pebble concrete thing and is as steep as the North face of the Eiger. I landed on my bum and slid 2 metres to the bottom. My hands were well and truly shredded. Blood everywhere. I also have a large bruise on my bicep muscle for some inexplicable reason so I’m thinking I ruptured it cushioning the fall. Dented pride, a bit of blood and bruising, nothing much, life goes on.
Astrid has the packing taken from her ear on Wednesday, there is no smell, just surgical spirit from the packing, so we’re well happy. So far, so good. Something else to draw the line under, hopefully.

Before the photos, just to say, on a workaday basis I think Piers Morgan is a nob, however his arguments last night on American TV, against the gun lobby, was spot on. You can’t however, educate pork. It depends on two factors: firstly how many more American children need to die by the bullet before the American people say enough is enough and secondly, how stupidly duplicitous Americans are in their thinking. Guns kill. They are not designed for any other purpose. Anyway sod ’em, if they want to kill each other, I’ve no problem with that, just leave the kids alone.
I saw a quote today by some actor or other who said he’s never seen a really good film that didn’t have guns in. What an arse. He meant American film I presume. I can probably think of 50 really really good films that haven’t got guns in or the word “fuck”. None of them are American.

The squirrel in close up.
The cormorant in flight.
The residue from peat, like a scum on the surface where the floodwater meets the backed up water. It’s a bit of an optical illusion.






  1. I so agree with you. I dont watch half the shows on the telly becuase of the violence. And I hate when they say America was built on the right to bear arms. first of all that was the right to bear arms to protect America(miltary) we were also build on with God in all the wording but now want to say that is illegal and bothers people. So you can clain the right to have guns but people dont have the right to have god in shools or government property. What it amounts to is greed and what brings the most money in. Maybe we should banned guns and put more money into mental and phsycial health and there wont be any disasters like this. The only think i can say is the Mother was a gun toting repubican and it got her and thosepoor kids killed And Oh I love that last picture.


    • I think a lot of it is to do with mentality. Everyone is brought up to believe it is normal, in the same way Catholics in Ulster were brought up to believe Protestants were the enemy, and vice versa.


  2. Oh Dear…Dear…Dear….and you were not even ‘out partying’…:roll:
    Seriously, though, one cannt be too careful with ‘icy conditions’…
    Hope allis well after your mishap! Good to hear Astrid is well ‘on the mend’….:)
    Lovely pictures here, Mick! Take Care! šŸ™‚


  3. Great pics. Take care of yourself – Astrid needs looking after.The killing of those ‘babies’ was terrible. I have three grandkids of that age-group.The genie is well and truly out of the bottle in America.Read my post about Japan – no legal guns and few shootings.Take care!


    • It’ll be a half cocked affair like all American compromises. The Republicans don’t give a tuppeny shit about the Kyoto Protocol so a couple of dead kids in a poxy school in some outback hick town won’t weigh that heavily on their conscience.


  4. Oh no. And just before Christmas too ! Hope you feel recovered by the time the big day comes around. Glad Astrid’s op has been a success. That’s. good news. And I totally aree with you about the gun situation. in the US. Glad I il ve here and ot there…ps sorry about the writing. I’m doing this on my phone and it’s a bit troublesome šŸ˜¦


  5. Friday took one step outside and straight up in the air back came down on the front step and hands on the pavement. Getting the ice off the car needed a pickaxe not a scraper.

    Radio Sheffield reported someone who slipped on the ice went so far backwards that one slipper landed up a tree!

    Decent weekend though!


  6. Oooooh, ouch, Mick. I got hubby to put out a tub of coarse salt when I discovered our steps were slippy. Believe it or not, I was primarily concerned about the postman/woman, and anyone else who came to our door. In the interim, I threw down cooking salt, as it was at least at hand.

    You are going to be sore. We don’t bounce as well as we think we might.

    You highlight some direct issues about the American psyche with its gun toting culture.


  7. I bought a big bag of salt from Lidl but it was round the back and didn’t much fancy sliding round a corner. It’s still there….must write myself a memo to bring it to the side door. By the time our postman arrived it had melted, thankfully. The steep part is only a short distance but it’s blood hard!!


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