Verschrikkelijk weer

Wat een verschrikkelijk weer! Yes, what bloody awful weather. It doesn’t auger good for Christmas.
I’ve been out walking for a few hundred metres but got back in the car and drove home to the warmth of the house. Then did the vacuuming, sorted some clothes out, put them away, fought with the cat because she wouldn’t move off the duvet and now I’m going to put the washing machine on. It’s all go being a house husband.
What a crap term that is. Bloody house husband. What sort of nob thought that up? Probably the same namby pamby tosspot who decided chairmen were all of a sudden going to be called chairperson. What was wrong with chairman? Or chairwoman? Now we even have “the chair” at council meetings. The socialist ideals are quite pathetic sometimes, almost as pathetic as men only golf rooms or men’s clubs.
There was a pub at Marske on Sea called the Ship which had the main room designated as men only. It was crap. Totally crap, devoid of any atmosphere, not even any sporting pheromones, just smoking old gits who probably changed their trousers once a month. There were girls behind the bar though of course. So we stood at the bar.
Of course it’s all changed now but given the clientele, I doubt whether any women ever bothered going in anyway.
My arm is purple now, all around the bicep. It was a sort of yellow, the colour the sky goes before a thunderstorm.
You know what pisses me off, the way that the word “colour” has a red line under it as I type. Tell me, I’ve spelt it right haven’t I? Bloody yanks.
We’re just watching Masterchef America and the contestants are so bloody full of themselves. Chef Ramsay, who has worked in the Dorchester, tells them their food is crap, they tell him it isn’t. Compared to the Brits and Australians they are straight away on the defensive and arrogant with it. Plain and simple, irritating.

Astrid once modelled in Deventer, here is a photo. I once posed (pre-diet) with Focus guitarist Jan Akkerman in Cafe Wilhelmina, Eindhoven.





  1. I remember Focus very well. Early 70’s if I’m right.

    I spent 30 minutes trying to get Google UK to accept a new password last night.
    The problem turned out I had to put the date the American way 12.19.2012 not the right way. I wasn’t pleased…….


    • Mid 70’s to be approx. haha. I’m always on apre concert bier with Jan these days. He even sneaked up behind me in the Boardwalk to give me a plectrum to replace one I’d lost which he also gave me. It was a sort of in joke but it got tongues wagging around us in the boardwalk that the star turn was sat having a beer with a pleb like me for 15 minutes before the gig.


  2. Your poor arm! Hope it gets better soon. I nearly cut the top of my thumb of [dangers of buying a new SHARP knife] and got poked in the eye by a twig causing my eye to bleed…not at all nice! I actually felt quite sick just looking at it and I’m not a wuss!

    The rest of your post made me smile, as always!xxxxx


    • Twigs in the eyes are nasty, hope you are okay. I nearly meat skewered myself pruning the apple tree yesterday. I reckon apart from rosewood, apple wood is the toughest.


  3. As Woody Allen said in one of his films,”So many chairs. If we have any more we will have enough for a dining set”.
    Or something of that ilk.
    Your poor arm sounds very colourful (sorry colorful). Try to stay safe between now and Christmas won’t you ? xxx


  4. I always found chairmen and women and authoritative figures as interesting as wood. God knows how some of them get to be chairmen, they lean so heavily on people who can actually do the job. They’re just a figure head, might as well be made of wood as well.


  5. I see what you mean pre-diet.

    You are pissed off 120% – doing house tasks certainly brings it out. I wouldn’t put it all down to the ghastly weather. Admittedly, it does piss you off over and above what ever else does, as well.

    Those crass ‘socialist’ titles may not be. One thing they have been and done, is raised awareness of the suppression of one gender. Not a bad thing imho.


  6. The arm sounds horrible. I agree about the red lines and spellings, it drives me insane and sometimes has me second guessing words and even checking spellings I know are right!!
    Tis cold here and wet too so you can’t even be bothered going out in it at all. But with young kids you have to brave the crowds and spend a fortune when all you want is to be sat in front of the fire – grrrr
    How fabulous for Astrid to be immortalised in paint x


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