Just to say Hello

“Hello” he says tentatively.
I haven’t disappeared, merely moved around a bit.
I hope you are all okay and just want you all to know I haven’t forgotten any of my old friends.

Many of you made such nice comments about my musings, albeit sometimes my posts were close to the edge. I always tried to reply back to a comment if it warranted one and enjoyed the exchanges.

I had to move on to WordPress because I needed a more flexible platform on which to publish my Irish remembrances.
It’s written in my own occasionally staccato style, but hopefully has enough names and place names to make people go “Ah, we’ve been there”. I have 30 more chapters to publish online, not mention proof read and amend accordingly.

Please, if you want to read it you’ll find it here The Old Bog Road
Of course, it is an upside down book where chapter one is at the bottom of the page and the latest page is at the top, such is the nature of blogging.

I used to enjoy posting pictures and always received wonderful comments about them. Here are two for you, one is York in England and the other is Brugge or Bruges (French) as we English prefer to call it, even though it is in Flemish (Dutch) speaking Belgium.
The question is, which is which?
As Arnie said “I’ll be back”.
Keep well.





  1. Hi Mick, glad you’re well.
    Amazing how places in Europe often look so similar – could even be the river in Canterbury, near where I lodged as a student.
    I’ll check you out on the link. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Hi Mick…..Good to ‘see’ you…and so glad you’re doing well…..
    Will ‘pop’ in at your ‘other place’….
    :yes: Recognised the second pic as York…so the top one must be Brugge..
    Take Care!


  3. lovely to hear from you again on blog mate you have been missed thanks for the piccys too excellent shots I agree with bushka the top one is brugge and the other is york ๐Ÿ™‚


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