Happy Christmas

Christmas Day has nearly passed.
The turkey was a tad dry, the pork a tad undercooked, the crackling at it’s toothbreaking best, the buttered leek as potent as any sprouts. My family are brilliant. We distributed the presents, opened them, said our “woos” and “ooohs”, had a coffee and a game of Brains. Drawing the lines on the card was hilarious, “4 lines down and 4 lines across Nannan” said the nieces, so she drew 5 and 3 and when it came to the categories she wrote F O O D across all the top four squares. The game in comparison was tame except when an argument ensued amongst the young ‘uns as to whether Leeds should be allowed as a town even though it is a city. Us old un’s carried on without them until London, Ontario came up as a town beginning with L, and the balloon went up again. I vetoed that one.

Last year was good, great infact. Eight of our family flew over from Holland for Astrid’s birthday in May. a month before they came we’d had the worst snow of the winter, well, it wasn’t even winter, it was spring.
They arrived in the rain at Manchester airport, had a wonderful few days, really hot, brilliant sunshine then 4 days later we took them to Manchester airport in driving rain and it didn’t stop for two weeks. Even the stockcars in Holland struggled as you can see below at Emmen.

Our garden was a bit hit and miss. One apple on the apple tree, mind you I did pollard it more than prune it to straighten it up a bit. The maize was a huge success, the sugar snaps were all peas and were stringy enough for us to ignore them altogether. We didn’t have the millions of tomatoes it said on the packet, we had about a hundred, near enough though given the average Brit’s tendency to exaggerate about almost everything. See, even I’ve just done it. The sunflowers went a bit weird, one grew 9 feet high with just one single 12″ diameter flower, the others grew about 5 foot and had half a dozen smaller flowers on.

Summer was great. We got to Whitby, York, Hull as well as the Peak District and various town and villages in our part of Yorkshire. Next year we are thinking of America, Barcelona, Rome or even Portugal. Any one of these would be fine. We are going to Holland in February for Astrid’s son’s birthday. She gets unhappy at times not being closer to her family in Holland not least her two sons. In all fairness though, they don’t ring or contact their mother enough anyway which makes me a bit angry that she cares so much about them but it isn’t reciprocated by the same measure.

I hope all you lot are having a good Christmas break. It’s over almost as soon as it’s finished, all the preparation, buying things for people that you’d never buy for yourselves, receiving the same tat back and having to feign gratitude in front of the whole family.

I may frequent this blog more in 2014, I’m currently in the process of building a website for a coach company and also have a couple of blog/web pages going myself.

You may look at them if you feel like it…..

http://theoldbogroad.wordpress.com/ This one is my Irish memories
http://catscancook.wordpress.com/ This is my cat’s cookery blog
http://tedwoodscoaches.wordpress.com/ This is the demo for the coach company, the owner says I’m on the right track, whatever that means but is always a bit vague anyway. Typical Barnsley man, if it’s absolutely fantastically brilliant to the extreme, he’ll say “Aye, it’s alright”. High accolade or indifference is hard to differentiate with us Yorkshire folk. Even to each other!

I hope you like the photos, it’s supposed to be 2013 in a teacup.

A wall of snow







  1. Great to see you back Mick. I love that photo of the snowdrift. And that must be the tallest sunflower I’ve seen. Look forward to hearing more from you in 2014 😀


    • Hi Rich, how are you going on mate? Yeah, I’ll be back here more often. There’s a ready made appreciative audience and some simple folk blogs on here. I like that. And there aren’t the “following” or “like” buttons on here which mean nothing to me. On my wordpress blog, people follow me but don’t respond when I comment on their blog, neither do they comment on my blog, so there is no point continuing, I might as well write a diary, hide it in a drawer, lock the bugger, turn the light out then lock the door behind me. It’s all about interaction. Happy Christmas mate to you and your family.


    • If only you knew! My Mum has taken mine and my sister’s advice and had a stairlift installed and my Dad is getting ratty about it “Where’s me handrail” I replied “We’ve bought you a £2000 stair lift” so he said “I don’t need it” to which I replied “You will do if someone, (like me), trips you up on your way down”. He’s such a selfish miserable old git sometimes. If he falls down because he’s struggling to get up and down using one handrail, he might find out how much it will help him.


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