I Want A Dinosaur

Happy New Year.

Anyone fancy a dinosaur?

231.4 million years ago, in what is known as the Triassic period, dinosaurs evolved as the dominant species on our planet. Yep, the same planet we walk, talk and breathe on this very day and infact at this very moment. They survived for 135 million years infact as custodians past & present of planet Earth, they own it. 231 million years is a long long time. I sometimes find it hard to believe these so called small brained monsters lived so long. I’m still in awe of these creatures, that at one point, maybe one of them actually stopped, killed, ate, slept or pooped on the same land that I live on. What sort was it I wonder? Maybe a big one, a herbivore, carnivore?

Maybe a tiny one, like these little beauties? The top one is a saltopus, the bottom one is a compsognathus. They’re so cute. Wouldn’t they make great pets? I’m all in favour of recreating these tiny dinosaurs via a strand of DNA from a fossil. They were only about 2 foot high, about the size of a greyhound or wallaby. I’d build a little shed for it in the garden, have a slimline red leather and ruby studded collar and train it to sit.



Their physiology meant that they were lightning fast, both in linear speed and reflex. We know little about their hearing, eyesight or sense of smell, movement or taste but they survived as a specie 135 million years longer than we humans have actually been on the planet.

By way of comparison, a mere 5 million years ago, humans evolved from something resembling a chimpanzee. Homosapiens on the other hand have been around a mere 200 thousand years in our raw state as virtually wild animals. 50,000 years ago we developed into “modern thinkers” involving hunting and shelter. 12,000 years ago we began planting stuff and 3000 years ago we started fighting with each other en mass for possession of land.

A lot of the stuff we take for granted; fossil fuels, shelter, cooked food and religious belief, was not available to the dinosaurs. I read some words of wisdom by a professor in a very old British encyclopedia, that dinosaurs were obviously too stupid to have believed in a God, all 1,047 species of them. Yeah okay. Better rope in 10,000 known bird species, 2,200,000 known species of animal, fungus and unicellular organisms, 28,000 species of aquatic or fish species and 5,000,000 species of insect. These damn infidels are all non believers, atheists, heathens, pagans, nihilistic free thinkers. How dare they?

Roach, lions, deer, slugs and sparrows apparently don’t do priests, rabbis, mullahs or nutjob mid west American pulpit preachers.
There was also a picture of spiky white mountain peaks in the same encyclopedia with a caption below which read: what the surface of the moon might look like. They obviously didn’t have telescopes in Britain in the 1900’s even though Hans Lippershey invented the first one in 1570 and it was possible to see the rings of Saturn in the early 1800s. We’ve always been a bit slow in this country haven’t we? Look at the roads. We’ve let them get back to the state they were in before the Romans came.

I rest my case mi’ Lord.

I’m back!

I’ve had my sortie with WordPress, a great tool to adapt a blog into a webpage, I’ve learnt loads and that was my primary target. It’s served it’s purpose and the webpages are doing quite well.




  1. Apparently this area was on the equator and our coal the remains of a massive rain forest.
    Odd to think of the creatures that may have been here then – mind you there may still be a few left in Oughtibridge!


    • Imagine walking along and this chav with a pitbull complete with leather studded collar, (his girlfriend) and a trophy dog, also with studded collar, walk past and catch your eye, you could say “what you looking at punk?” and set the dinosaur on them. Mind you, they’d probably have a T.Rex cross or something else they found on Moss Side.


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