No Bad Weather

We are going to Holland in mid February so we have our fingers crossed that the North Sea will behave itself and that the snow will stay in Canada, Russia and anywhere else there are polar bears. The long range forecast, based on current weather plus recent weather patterns shows no snow, 5°c to 12°c temperatures and medium wind speeds except 6th & 7th of March which will be very windy. How they work that out is a mystery. I just know, we are in for a cold spell soon though. It wouldn’t be Britain without it some time in the next three months.

I’ve driven in Holland in the snow before. We travelled the 120 miles from Deventer to Leiden and there was 4″ of snow when we arrived. As we travelled back via Amsterdam it just kept snowing but people are much more responsible drivers in Holland than England, notwithstanding there are no hills, even the young drivers can handle a car in the snow. For some kids in the UK, last year was the first time they’d driven in snow and it seems nobody told them that steering and brakes don’t work the same especially when you drive at the same reckless way you would on a summer’s day.

Speaking of which, this is what I prefer, the blue skies, yellow flowers, lavender and bees. It cheers me up to think how soon it will again be like this, there again.
Both photos taken in our garden last July.





    • We awoke to snow one morning, as it melted it emerged two cows had died on the hill opposite (see my background) and the stupid farmer was dragging them away with his tractor. It’s his loss but you are supposed to take cows indoors when the temperature gets to near freezing. Poor cows. Methinks the farmer should be prosecuted for stupidity if nothing else.


    • We normally travel Stena but we’re giving Hull P & O a go this time. The 3 and half hour drag from Sheffield to Harwich is a pain in the backside, more so on the way back. It’s £100 more but offset by a saving of about £80 in petrol.


  1. hope the weather does stay nice for your trip mate I cant believe we havent had any bad weather yet this year hard to think that this time last year we was living in snow 🙂 love the picture of the sun flower mate


  2. That is a stunning photo of the bee. And what a whopper of a sunflower 😀
    Hope you have a safe trip to Holland. Personally I like a bit of snow – as long as it doesn’t turn to ice !


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