Sometimes it is just nice to relax, let your mind wander and enjoy life.
Today is one of those days. What I see or hear, helps to relax me by bringing back memories however distant or small. I’m watching football whilst having some Twitter confabs with mates from the footy, stockcar and political worlds.
The pitch at Sheffield United was a quagmire, in comparison, as I switched over to watch Go Ahead Eagles versus Ajax Amsterdam live from Deventer, the pitch was mint, perfect. Deventer is my second home these days. We’re going there in mid February and I’m always reminded how good the grass is in Holland. It’s invariably lush and firm, unlike my moss infested mess in our garden.

On Twitter I have the Roscommon GAA scores live and each time a score comes through some electrical impulse reminds me that Roscommon holds such a special place in my heart. I look at the Roscommon team and there is not one name ending in “o” or “a” or “i”. Now I’ve nothing against people with names ending in these letters but in football it normally signifies someone from Africa, Asia or east Europe chasing the money and not caring much for the club they play for.

I mean, take this lot: O’Malley, Collins, Carty, Cafferkey, McDermott, N Daly, C Daly, C Shine, Higgins; Devaney, Burns, Healy, S Kilbride, Cregg & Murtagh. I know they are playing for their team, their county and the people of that county. They’re all amateurs and will be gardening, building, accounting, flogging houses and driving tractors tomorrow. Today they are stars wearing the blue and yellow of Roscommon.

Every so often, we and a group of neighbours go out for a meal. We’re all friends. It’s our turn to book somewhere to eat this time. We’ve chosen a Cosmo restaurant in the centre of Sheffield so when it eventually decides to stop raining, my job is to go round posting the invites, just like I do with the christmas cards.

Astrid’s upstairs sorting some books out, I’m watching Chelsea & Stoke. Just seen a good goal from Oscar, who last week should have been thrown out of football for diving and trying the cheat to get a penalty. If players were banned retropectively after TV evidence for diving, cheating etc, I’m sure managers would suddenly become aware of their responsibilities when they realised half their team of overpaid prima donnas wouldn’t be available for the next game. Even of they sin binned them for diving, say for 10 minutes like they do in rugby, it would make a difference. Something has got to happen to stop football from becoming a laughing stock.

Don’t watch the World Cup if you don’t like cheating, diving and play acting because Brazil’s Neymar who plays for Barcelona, is going to single handedly bring football into disrepute. He is on loads of money, cost loads of money but is a cheat. In theory Belgium should be the team to beat but they will be thwarted by teams who dive around and referees who are too programmed to blow the whistle each time a player falls over like he’s been shot by a sniper. Which he should have been in my opinion.

Cheating and lying seems to have become acceptable these days. Look at this government for instance. The NHS is safe in our hands they said. Now they’re selling it bit by bit to their wealthy Conservative Party donor friends. Your next hip operation or emergency medical care might cost you £20,000 and the money wouldn’t go towards better facilities, oh no, it would enable the likes of Sir Edward Wimbleton-Darcy MBE to spend more time at his Cayman Island bolt hole with his mistress and her two public school educated debutante daughters.

I hate liars and cheats even more so when they get away with it.
One day things will change. 5% of the world population holds 95% of the world’s wealth. Hardly a one of them has made that money without lying, cheating, enslaving or killing. There is something wrong there but it will be righted. The Tories and the greedy pigs had better make the most of it because people around the world are getting fed up with it and will eventually snap. World War 3 will be between very rich people and very poor people and unless things change dramatically, the very rich people will be totally destroyed and quite violently as well.



  1. Mick,

    The days you can spare to let your consciounsness flow are very relaxing in deed.

    I have been to Deventer last month on a business trip. I have not seen much of the city but I enjoy the mentality of the Duch people.



    • That’s nice to know. The centre of Deventer is old, full of history and worth a revisit, there again, so is Venlo, Utrecht, Groningen, Nijmegen and so ad infinitum.


  2. There’s an awful lot of disgusting xenophobic rhetoric; just like in the 1930’s and to a lesser degree at other times of financial depression. It deflects from the other sensitive social areas that are being deconstructed, which follow absolute Conservative party dogma.


    • The only people a financial depression really affects in a financial way, are the very rich, they have most to lose so they’ll wriggle like worms to maintain their wealth even if it means already poor people getting poorer in the process. The deconstruction of something our forefathers fought tooth and nail for is still worth fighting for but we’re had it too easy, too long in this country so nobody knows how to protest anymore. It’s simmering though.


  3. what a wonderful image I long for world war 3 if that is what it will be I for one will be hunting down some of them baggsy first with the 12 bore shotgun I will even give cameron a 5 second head start 😉


    • I was thinking about these incredibly stupid Americans, (which accounts for a huge percentage) who pay vast amounts of money to hunt and kill even endangered species. Given that they obviously have no morals whatsoever, I wonder how much they’d want to hunt down and exterminate some of the deceitful and morally bankrupt scumbag political figures we have around the world. Espcially Cameron and the Eton class.


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