Humans are Animals too.

On my little walk today, I passed a field with alpacas in it grazing peacefully along with half a dozen golden pheasants pecking away in the long grass. In another field were sheep grazing and some ducks scrabbling away in the hedgerow virtually next to them. In a lower field a horse was busy eating and was surrounded by ten or twelve hens, some directly under the horse pecking away at anything and everything.
It was snowing but as far as I was concerned, it was a lovely day.
In the barn, it was steamy and warm and there was a constant rustling as cows ripped huge chunks from the hay racks on which walked a robin and several sparrows.
When I got home, I cut and peeled a carrot and crunched away whilst nearby on the floor in a corner, the cat decided it was eating time for her as well. We ate together.

So? You might ask?

Well, I just wondered why Pakistanis and Indians can’t ever eat together.
Even in the land of make believe, Arabs and Jews would never eat together. Ever.
Some Belfast catholics and protestants would refuse to eat together.
And for what?

The moral behind this story is simple. I am directly comparing these people with animals.

Pakistanis, Indians, Jews, Arabs and all religious nutjobs, have lower tolerance levels than these animals and they should be ashamed to be such pathetic members of the human race.

Just sayin’.



  1. Excuse me, Arabs and Jews, when not encumbered, can and do eat together. The groups also buy meat from each others butchers when properly certificated.

    Daniel Barenboim has a mixture of peoples in his orchestra.

    Generally, I choose not to ask people what their religious belief system is. If it’s a social gathering of people, then it is a social gathering of people, and that is that.


    • It was a bit of a generalisation and there are exceptions, mainly those with more education and who have maybe seen a bit more of the world outside their own. Religious bigots just love a captive audience and the poor are perfect specimens for their rantings and hatreds. Notwithstanding there are some very educated and very rich people especially in America who are gullible to the extreme. I find it hard to take seriously, people like Tony Bliar, Obama, Bush and Cameron who repeatedly mentioned “god” in their political speeches. It’s scary that people with so much power would resort to relying on something that does not exist when the muck hits the fan.


    • 6000 years ago homo sapien made sharp pointy things out of hard stone to kill animals for food. If another homo sapien tried to nick your food, you killed him as well. No probs. Our “intelligence” as humans, the superior specie, even 2000 years ago, meant that we could dig stuff up from the ground, heat it up, reshape it into sharp pointy things and kill each other with it. But, we’ve evolved further, now we can also dig some other stuff up, heat it up a bit, bombard it with other stuff right fast like, and produce an explosion that can kill 1 million+ people in one go and immobilise millions more for he rest of their lives. We don’t need sharp pointy things anymore. We just dangle our other heated explody stuff in front of our enemies to warn ’em off. Right clever like, us humans. Animals couldn’t do that. Ha!


    • Indeed, my cat was a voracious killer although the return of one single bird in the whole of 2013 might mean hopefully, she’s over with her killing instincts. Or too slow. I saw once that some primates have adapted sticks and stones to kill their enemies with. Mind you they’re from the same family as us.


      • Mick,

        I am drifting away from you topic but I found the following interesting, so I want to share it with you:


        If it is true it uncovers a bit of the “survival diet preferences” of our ancestors, that is still active in our genes, depending on our blood group. Having “0” as blood group I belong to the more carnivore trait of us humans.

        Have a good week!


      • I also am an O and lose weight by not eating bread, pasta and carbs but eat beans, brown rice and a modicum of light dairy products. It works the way I do it.


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