Flood Hypocrite

Everyone has sympathy for the people of the Somerset levels, some have sympathy for the Environmental Agency who have had to cope without the £1,000,000 aid they were promised to shore up the flood defences but had it refused by David Cameron. Some would say it was the Government’s fault for refusing to pay money desperately needed, as advised by the Environment Agency. However, it appears that the Environment Agency don’t know what they are talking about. The Government do, apparently. It appears the Government have solved this problem of flooding with words alone. Who needs pipes, pumps, drainage channels and sluices when you’ve got Eric Pickles.

The Conservative Party Communities Secretary, a previously responsible position now held by Eric Pickles, taking over the mantle vacated by Owen Patterson, the Environment Secretary who proved to be as much use as a chocolate teapot. Pickles, on visiting Somerset, with reference to the Environment Agency said “We thought we were dealing with experts”.

What an arrogant, pompous, head up his own arse piece of shit he is. If I worked for the Environment Agency, I suppose I’d just have to vote anything but Tory at the next election. One employee tweeted he’d like to shoot him, render him down and pour him down the drain. That’d be bad for the drains surely!

How to win friends and influence people is something Tories only know how to do with bundles of tenners stuffed under potential sponsor’s noses. Diplomacy and tact isn’t in them.

Pickles is a bloke whose Government department spent £57,000 on biscuits last year, of course he denies it, which being a Tory, following his leader and his sidekick’s example, obviously means he did.

By the look of it, Pickles must have eaten almost all of them. At 24 biscuits per pack, £1 per Sainsbury’s basic biscuit pack works out at 1,368,000 biscuits, @ 39 calories per biscuit = 53,352,000 calories which might explain the missing neck and blown up pink walrus look.

Remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the animals take over, then the pigs take over and turn back into humans and treat the other animals like muck? Well Eric Pickles has morphed into one of the pigs.
What a disgusting creature he is.

There’s no wonder there are no women in the Tory cabinet, no woman in their right mind would want to sit next to a heaving sweaty mess like that. Okay, there are 4 but all with a face a dog wouldn’t lick.

Eric Pickles



  1. I was having this conversation this morning. I saw the interview in which Pickles displayed his expert devious ability of operation as a politician. I felt really disturbed by him and his pure and utter arrogance, smoothly veneered with an unreserved apology, which, he stumbled over as he said it; it was, the only slip up in an otherwise purely slimed with dung performance.

    If Pickles is the face of a caring Government…..help!


    • Quite brilliant. Ha ha.
      There must be a word to describe home made phrases like “slimed with dung performance” and “head up his own arse piece of shit”. I don’t know what it is but the nearest I’ve found is “disjointed adjectives”.


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