Thro’ the Window

For a few months now my Windows 7 has been giving me hassle.
I never had a valid boot up disk so I used Astrid’s spare Lenovo disk but the graphics drivers were totally different so the system crashed every so often.

Then I found out my hard drive was broken, some partitioning was corrupt and the only solution is another hard drive. I thought about buying a new version of Windows 7, you can get them for £40, they are old Dell discs, never used as the Dell machines they were designated for have been made obsolete. They have the OEM, stickers and serial numbers, fully packaged, unopened and sealed.

However, I looked at Windows 8, that is around £107 and didn’t fancy it one bit. It looks full of useless “apps” most of which you can download for free from the net, better versions as well.

So seeing as my current hard drive still sort of works and my version of Windows is dodgy, I took the opportunity to download and install Zorin, which is an Ubuntu based operating system. It’s brilliant. It cost nothing, it was 1.5gb compared to Windows 22gb, that kinda illustrates how much clutter comes with Windows. It took about 20 minutes to download then I copied it onto a DVD and ran Zorin from the DVD to see whether it was the one for me. It was.

I still need a hard drive, but this one’s okay to practice on, infact I overwrote Windows so there’s no going back now. I’ll buy a new hard drive when I get back from Holland in a couple of weeks time, they’re only £40, then I’ll reinstall Zorin again. With the money saved by not buying Windows, I could buy a bigger hard drive, but then, why? I have several 1tb external hard drives for images, data, music so I can get by with a 500g hard drive. Huge hard drives need partitioning and even then some of the partitions can still be 200gb or more and easily get mired up and when they need a thorough defrag it can take an age. More so when kids have been on, not closing it down properly, leaving icons and thumbnails from online games all over the show. So I’m going to spend the money saved on something else, maybe a weekend away for us both in May.

Zorin/Ubuntu is 10 times quicker than Windows, no clutter unless you make it yourself

Windows can go whistle. Almost all the programmes for Windows cost money but with Ubuntu, they come free, albeit it’s good to chip in now and again to finance various projects to ensure future development.



  1. I’m impressed Mick. Well done for finding that operating system. I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds just the job. And you have saved money too. A lesson that if you shop around, you can save lots of dosh. :yes:


  2. Why would you need to defrag an Ubuntu run disk, would it not have some kind of clean up programming incorporated into the software? One of the joys of using a Unix based system is, all the housekeeping I had to do with Microsoft is a thing of the past.

    Another Joy in using a different computing platform, is the one you mention, in that it is usually more economic in the use of space on a disk. That being the case, there is more room for whatever software you choose to add and for a range of data files storage.


    • Can’t see where I said anything about defragging an ubuntu disk. Anyway, it’s an adventure trying out the different programmes available. I haven’t found anything as flexible as Irfan View yet but I’m looking.


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