Op de weg – On the road

Op de weg or on the road. Same thing.
The ferry trip on The Pride of Hull with P & O ferries was eventful only because the cabins were miniscule compared to those on the Stena ships. We even had to pay £17.50 for WiFi which is even free on some Sheffield buses. So we didn’t on the way there but did on the way back so Astrid could update her immaculate website of her cousin’s book.

We had a satnav this time in case we needed to go through Rotterdam and hopefully go places we’d never been before, alone. Not a hope. Everyone wanted to do things for us, take us places.
The driving is part of the holiday for me so I thought I’d just stick a few road pics up for a start and then later this week I’ll post some from Amsterdam, some from rural Holland and some from Germany.

Astrid was the perfect navigator as usual. We went to Rheine & Bad Bentheim just over the border in Germany, Almere for a family do, Almelo for a younger side of the family do, Amsterdam for a walk around the red light district and a little village called Silvolde just south of Doetinchem for some knitting needles.

I enjoyed pottering round a German shopping mall, it was similar to an English market hall then we went into a German supermarket called Real. I love to see all the different products and have to remark every time how good the bread and meat counters are and in comparison to British supermarkets how few chocolate, crisps and sweet products there are. That says quite a lot. I love German and Dutch bread although back home I’m avoiding all wheat products to try to lose a couple of stone in weight. Believe it or not it makes the difference between having a nose operation or not. I’m not even that fat, most chickens have more fat on .

The knitting needles for the knitters out there are not available in England. The shop we went to in Amsterdam was closed on Sunday and the co-owner of the Breiwinkel in Twello had some at home she didn’t use so we returned the next day for them. They are slightly thicker at the pointed end. Apparently they are used more in Germany but we didn’t have time to go knitting needle shopping in Germany. The shop in Silvolde was a huge static caravan in a farm complex with everything any knitter would ever need including tapered knitting needles. I stood outside talking with my step-son Tom. My Dutch has come on leaps and bounds to the extent that I sometimes dream in Dutch and tonight when I turned the TV on found myself watching and listening to a Dutch programme for 20 minutes before I realised they weren’t talking English.

Van Europoort gaan naar Rotterdam op de N15 – The road from Europoort to Rotterdam on the N15


Botlek tunnel beneden de Oude Maas rivier – Botlek tunnel under the old Maas river


A50 autosnelweg van Arnhem naar Apeldoorn – A50 motorway from Arnhem to Apeldoorn


Uitzicht vanuit de serre op de straat – View from the conservatory onto the street.




  1. Excellent! :yes: You always seem to enjoy your ‘sorties’ into Holland….Delicious cooking et al. Thanks for the pictures…including the ubiquitous cyclists….;) Mind that weight! Cheers!


  2. Great images Mick. Enjoyable post. Glad you had a great trip.

    My grandson had his first game in his second year with the Melbourne Storm u20’s last Sat. He got the Player of the Year medal for 2013 last season. He is just a year away from consideration for the First Grade squad next year. It’s really up to him now. He’ll be 19 yrs in June. Time has flown since he went over to Melbourne from NZ as a 15 yr old.


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