Getting it right- Images

I’m sorry my latest blogs have featured irregularly sized images. Since I’ve ditched Windows I’ve not been able to use Adobe Photoshop, I’d spent hours getting used to it, manipulating images how I wanted to.

Now I’m using Gimp and it’s similar to the old PSP (Paint Shop Pro) so I’m having to learn the idiosyncracies of it to get my images how I want them to appear on my blog.
One thing about using Ubuntu is the speed and extra RAM I’ve got spare, so unlike on Windows when I made an error and put half a dozen 6mb images onto Adobe Photoshop, it doesn’t lock up and force me to reboot.

Bear with me please.



    • Thanks for the suggestion. I have to download IE6 as well for Picasa download to work with Ubuntu and have no intentions of doing that. I’m getting to grips with Gimp now so I’ll stick with that.


  1. Thanks. Actually because Gimp is more powerful than PSP ever was I’m quite happy with it. I’ve managed to translate the different terminology, i.e Dockable Dialogues (Windows in Photoshop), I mean, why didn’t I guess that one straight away?
    I’ve taken to saving all my actions in Tool Presets, including a 960px x 720px web page standard image size.


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