What is Dutch?

Holland, the Dutch, can’t be pigeon holed. In rural Holland old traditions are still adhered to although the cultural diversity has been embraced whole heartedly. There is no them and us in this country.

Then there is Amsterdam. Is it playing to the crowd? Is it pandering to the stereotypical expectations of tourists? No, I don’t think so. It doesn’t play the big noise. It doesn’t have big “must see” attractions. Amsterdam doesn’t need them.

It is best to walk around it. There is a good tram infrastructure, you can go by canal & get off at various points, you can hire a bike and cause general chaos in doing so but it is definitely best to walk.

Amsterdam, if you open your eyes, look up, down, all around is an experience.
Of course the Red Light district is popular but start on Warmoesstraat and just wander.

Try the bars, maybe the coffee shops, have a Belgian beer, try a Moksi Meti in Kam Yin Surinaamse restaurant.

Try Amsterdam.









  1. Mick,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your advice on how to best experience Amsterdam. You certainly did enjoy your holiday! I hope I will get the chance and visit Amsterdam with my wife this year!? We will see.



    • I hope you get there. It is the perfect place to do what you want when you want. Of course a dry sunny day helps. I’m going to post some more about Holland and some about a short sortie into Germany but hope to put some more on about A’dam. The Ijveer, the double decker trains, the leaning buildings, the smell of marijuana, the bikes and the restaurants. Watch this space.


  2. You’d make a great tourism officer for the city lol…. but yeah, I always thought I’d enjoy Ams’tam.
    Culturally, I’ve heard there’s a blessed absense of the oppressive Big Brother authoritarian vibe of miserable cram-packed rip-off Britain.


    • Hit the nail on the head there, no there isn’t a Boris Johnson clown or a Tour Guide character. Of course, the Japs and Yanks have tour guides, they’re terrified of exploring alone. Amsterdam doesn’t need a ring master drumming up interest from passers by. Amsterdam basically speaks for itself. However, it is not all thin 19th c buildings and canals. The suburbs are long avenues of standard flats interlinked by very busy roads festooned with bollards and fietspaden – bike paths. Everyone speaks English, although I speak Dutch it is soon noticed I speak it with an English accent and perplexingly they think they are helping me by speaking English.


    • It’s like York or Edinburgh, all the most interesting bits are in a small area, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A short ferry trip via the free IjVeer was a highlight as was finding a free WiFi coffee shop on Warmoestraat to send WhatsApp images and messages to the family (although Tesco roaming mobile networking was only 45p/Mb it took ages to send an image)


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