Tory Lies

In my book lying is a sin. In my book telling a lie to make personal gain and to injure or humiliate someone else deserves a good kicking. If it results in death then it deserves death in exchange.

When you Tory voters out there voted, you obviously did so with the knowledge that your standard of living would go down, that was pretty brainless in itself but did you allow for David Cameron lying to you personally about the NHS and taxes?
Is lying alright in your book or do you feel humiliated by his lies? He’s made you look a right dickhead hasn’t he?

Did you know it is $7000 to have a normal birth in a hospital in the USA under private healthcare. God help you if you need a cesarian, your life savings will have gone in the slit of a knife. $25,000 for a cesarian section. People in America owe hundreds of thousands of dollars for hospital treatment. Do you let your loved ones die or suffer? Or do you lose every penny you have worked your guts out for to a greedy Conservative MP, or friend of or Tory party donor, who owns or has huge shares in a private hospital practice?

My missus has twice been rushed into hospital with anaphylaxic symptoms, that would be $1500 a go. That’s $3000 for exhaustive tests, a 6 hour critical watch, a couple of anti histamines and an injection.

I can see people rushing their loved ones into hospital armed with guns and knives to ensure they get treatment. Another point is, if someone was refused treatment because they couldn’t provide proof they had sufficient finances and they died, would the person who refused them treatment be eligible to be charged with manslaughter? I think so.

If any of my family died because they were refused treatment, I would happily kick the shit out of whoever made the decision. It WOULD be their decision and therefore it would be their fault and therefore they would be culpable to murder in my book and I believe in an eye for an eye.

Would anyone who currently works in the NHS refuse anyone treatment on financial grounds? Like the Nazis did with the SS, I think the Tories will need to fill the hospitals with criminals, murderers, nutjobs and violent offenders to carry out their evil policies.

I would like it to be known that if anyone is involved in any way of killing a member of my family by refusing hospital treatment on financial grounds, revenge will happen.

Oppose the NHS privatisation with your life because whether you like it or not, you or some of your family will lose theirs if you don’t.

Did you vote Tory? If so you have given people the right, on behalf of the Tory party, to murder by proxy.

Big Up The NHS, you will cry and cry when it has gone.



  1. Mick,
    It is all about transfering money from the poor to the rich. The trick is to make people believe they are still rich (or that they belong to the “winning” party).

    The real decision making has long been handed over the multinational companies. These are owned by … guess who …
    The huge state depts are another issue. The interest rates are taking away a large portion of the taxes we pay. … guess who loans money and who pays most taxes? This is another big machine transfering money form the poor to the rich.
    When there is a war going on and you ask yourselv for the reasons … forget about what politicians tell you … ask yourself who is making the money and you are close to truth.

    Welcome to the real world Mick!



    • I know all about the real world. I’m just asking all the Tory voters if they knew their leader was a blatant liar and whether they fully understood that, given their short time on earth, they knew that voting Tory would make their standard of living worse. Why vote for something which makes your life worse. It doesn’t make sense. In a real world of course.


      • Mick,

        I am with you and your arguments.
        Real life:
        Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.



    • Voting for a political party because of beliefs and convictions, is handing the decision making about your life, over to someone who can control you for better or worse. The sooner people realise that we only live 90-ish years, the better. Surely the aim is to make your nest as comfortable as possible while you are in it?


  2. Tell me more about your book. Where can you buy it? What is the title?
    The Nazis refused the treatment of Jews in the Third Reich. The common people still got treatment.
    That in itself was of course a crime. There was one German doctor who was granted asylum in England because he refused to obey these Nazi orders. His name was Ludwig Guttman.

    Here is the link:

    He was the founder of the paralympic games.


  3. I was aware of that because I like history & reading, I add them to my life experiences and use them to form my views. The English don’t get taught these things at school. As for a book, well I could easily write one about the ills of British society, class war, the arrogant elite (Grant Shapps has recently shown his true colours by being condescending and highly presumptious about the working classes). I particularly like the way the Irish dealt with the Tory and Whig (Liberals) landlords in the 1900s by first driving them out of their mansions then burning them, then starting all over again, Ireland for the Irish. I would like to destroy institutions like Eton first of all, we can’t allow a small group of elitist right wing millionaires to hold the purse-strings of 25 million taxpayers ever again.


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